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5dimes bitcoin withdrawal 3%?

I’ve been trying to withdraw from 5dimes for over a week now... recent user, never been paid out before.
I deposited with credit card. A few different deposits a few hundred bucks each. Sent payout request for bitcoin.
Numerous phone calls, emails, verifying credit card numbers and amounts, etc etc. Have had 2 payout requests denied.
As of today, I see on the cashier there is a 3% fee for bitcoin payouts. It used to say “free.”
Anyone else experience the same? I don’t know if this is normal or they’re just jerking me around. Any guidance/experience on how to get my cash would be very appreciated. Feeling kinda burned tbh....
Sincerely, Finally Won Trying To Be Responsible For Once
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5Dimes bitcoin deposit

Cash app closed my account that was my way of adding funds for my 5dimes account. Any other app or site I can buy bitcoin and deposit or withdraw to and from 5dimes
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5dimes Bitcoin Withdrawal

Just wanted to know what does 5dimes request info wise in order to withdraw via bitcoin. The whole purpose of me depositing via bitcoin is because i wanted to stay anonymous outside of circle. I heard they only request account id/password, but i also heard they request a picture of your drivers license too? If that were the case it would be easier to just deposit via cc/dc. TIA
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5Dimes Bitcoin question

I'm looking to deposit bitcoins on 5dimes and was wondering what personal information they ask for when I deposit/withdraw
do they ask anything personal like id/documents?
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State of The Sub (Are you ready for some football edition)

Another year, another state of the sub and a reminder that I'm still here.
Welcome everyone. It's been 6 months since we have had one of these. Last year's NFL SOS thread showed we were at 12,000 users and now we are nearing 20,000.
For everyone who is new: Welcome to /sportsbook. We do have some ground rules that everyone should be following. First off, if you have a question check the sidebar. There is a great site that will detail sportsbook options like bovada, 5dimes, bitcoin and others. There are links that describe a lot of the terminology you see posted on a regular basis. We even have a wiki page here to try to help out on the top menu.
Good reminders in general: Posts about your picks should be kept to that particular sport's daily thread. If you make a new thread detailing just your picks for a particular game, it will be removed. If you want to do this then use /sportsbookextra. {I'll try to help out by doing a weekly SEC thread over there as I'm playing around with the format that I want to use. We will see how it goes but I watch the SEC the most so figure I'd make it's own post over there each week.}
We also frown on story posts. Every once in a while there will be an 'Anything goes thread' that is the place for everyone to gloat about huge wins and bemoan terrible losses.
We have active mods here(compared to last season) so if you see someone being overly belligerent to other users especially if they aren't creating any content of their own, message us. We'll deal with it. As always, try to be polite to each other.
People are here for all sorts of reasons from just entertainment, avid hobby, to supplemental income, and more. Different motives are going to mean different strategies and approaches, keep that in mind.
There are plenty of specialty subreddits if you don't find what you need here. /SoccerBetting, /gambling, /horseracing. We have no problem with anyone starting their own "daily" thread but I know some get frustrated at times and they fade away. I think this sub has proved one thing, if you can bet on it, there are people who will blindly follow your picks no matter what the sport is.
If you have any additional questions, suggestions, thoughts, criticisms, or concerns this is a great thread to post them in. I'm sure the play of the week, any contest ideas, guys who want pick'em groups, hell maybe even a fantasy league. Post your ideas below.
We have a zero tolerance policy as far as selling picks.
Getting that out of the way there are some ideas that will be put in here. Someone has offered a private Survivor Pool for /sportsbook. I've suggested a free one because of the failure of getting money for past contests here. I'll let someone else work out that part of it. I know people start up fantasy football leagues and stuff like that. Feel free to promote all that here.
I'm sure I missed something but volunteered to throw something up tonight to help out. Expect plenty of edits.
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5dimes Rejecting Payouts: Bitcoin Unavailability

Just got a rejection email after requesting a pay out two days ago, looks like they are low in Bitcoin. And yes, I deposited with Bitcoin.
Edit: Yes, I mostly use bitcoin but did have one non-bitcoin transaction so I’m not exclusive. However, it’s been significantly more than seven days since my last withdrawal so that should not matter.
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5dimes chat support suggests that I withdraw using bitcoin... any feedback on this practice? I have never used bitcoin before

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Major sportsbook 5Dimes to add Bitcoin as payment option

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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: Sportsbook Owner ‘5Dimes Tony’ Found Dead in Costa Rica /r/sports

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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: Owner of 5Dimes has been missing for 19 days /r/sportsbook

Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: Owner of 5Dimes has been missing for 19 days /sportsbook submitted by SimilarAdvantage to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: Owner of 5Dimes has been missing for 19 days /r/sportsbook

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5dimes is stealing from Future Players

5dimes is closing to all US customers. They seem to want to do things the right way as they gave us a warning and said we can cash out. So the stance they are taking on Future tickets is a bit mind-boggling.
There are a ton of people that bet futures, particularly to WIN Championships like the NBA or NHL. 5dimes cut off date for wagers to be graded is 9/21. This is before the completion of the NBA/NHL finals. 5dimes current stance is if a wager that is pending cannot be graded on 9/21, then it is a cancelled bet. Sounds good in theory.
However, the NBA and NHL Finals will not be concluded by that date. Although the Finals will be underway. By their rule, all teams still alive will be refunded.
Here's the issue, they are grading all teams that lose, losers. So, Every team that was bet on besides the two that are in the finals, 5dimes is grading a LOSER. The teams remaining are cancelled. In booking, its very black and white. You can't have a loser without a winner. They are essentially grading all bets that give them money yet any risk of payout those bets are cancelled. I contacted CS as made this point and was told essentially fuck off.
Here's my situation. (And alot of people's situation who bet on the NBA/NHL Finals) I purchased Lightning to win the Cup at +650 for $500. This pays $3000+ I then purchased Stars to win the Cup at +735 for $445. This pays $3000+ Late in the Stars vs Avs series, I'd hedge my bet(and fading Vegas Knights) I took Avs to win the Cup for $450 at +650. So I had 3 of the remaining 4 teams given Vegas and Lightning were about to close or did close series. Avs lost the series, they took my $500. -$500 on my bets currently.
If (eh, let's be honest) WHEN the Lightning win the East, The Lightning to win the Cup maybe FAVORED. Yet, my +600 ticket will be deemed cancelled when the only price available maybe MINUS money. I'm getting no payout for being right series ago. It's both theoretical and possible we ahve a Stars vs Lightning Finals in which I'd be guaranteed almost $3000 in profit without doing anything as I'll have both Finals. Yet, I will finish my NHL future bets at -500 despite having both finals teams because they aren't paying winners but charging losers. And truly my Avs bet was a hedge.
(If you hate hockey, imagine having Lakers, Celtics and Clippers tickets at all plus money and knowing you can only lose money even if its LA vs Celtics in the finals)
There are two options. 1. Either don't grade losers and you cancel the entire bet (again you can't have losers without winners)
  1. you payout winners past on the hedge odds. If Lightning is +600 on future ticket and in Finals their opponent is +100, I should be collecting HALF my TO Win and get back my to risk.
    You simply cannot fairly/ethically/justifiably collect ALL losing tickets, 30 teams of losing tickets, then cancel the 2 teams that can possibly win.
If you're still not outraged. 5dimes is STILL taking bets on NBA and NHL futures knowing you can only LOSE or Cancel bet.
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5dimes safe with exclusively Bitcoin?

All of the reports of fraud on 5dimes seems to be credit/debit card fraud. What's the consensus on using exclusively bitcoin on 5dimes? Would this avoid the risk of fraud? They seem to have the earliest lines with consistently reduced juice. Currently using Nitrogen/Bovada and have stopped using 5dimes, but miss having them as an option shopping lines. Should they be avoided entirely or just credit/debit deposits and bank withdrawals?
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Do we still think 5Dimes is an acceptable book if depositing/withdrawing via bitcoin?

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Is 5Dimes safe to use if I am only using Bitcoin?

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Official 5Dimes US Customer Cashout Thread

With the 5Dimes closure, let's keep a centralized thread for our cashout issues/FAQs. With the heavy delays thus far and 3rd party payout deadline looming, it'll be good for our collective sanity to report news/statuses as things go. Reminder of the dates :
September 21st : Cutoff for US wagers. I would advise foregoing continued activity on the site now and submitting a cashout request as wait times are already quite long (7+ days).
September 25th : All open wagers refunded. Deadline to submit cashouts is 12AM on this day but I would advise submitting them asap.
All balances not submitted for cashout by the 25th will be sent to a 3rd party claims administrator for payment. This will likely be an annoying and timely process as it was with NettelleFull Tilt Poker so you'll want to avoid this.
Edit : Yes, people have been receiving payouts. Last week people were saying 96-130 hours to receive the confirmation email and within 24 hours after that they received their bitcoin. Reports from this weekend indicate wait times of 7 days, so it appears they're working through a backlog.
Just an internet disclaimer, only 5dimes support/normal channels can process a cashout. If anyone messages you here telling you they can speed things up it's likely a scam. Don't give out personal info or passwords.
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5Dimes to begin accepting Bitcoin (Interview with Tony Williams)

Link to article with interview
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Bitcoin withdraw via 5dimes

Has anyone withdrawn money via bitcoin on 5dimes? Is it hassle free? Is getting a check easier? I have never messed around with bitcoin and figured it will probably be the fastest way to actually obtain my money.
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5Dimes Cashout Thread

My experience with trying to withdrawal from 5Dimes has been as expected. Jumping through loops and hurdles. So a rundown of what you will have to do and what to expect.
*Update: They claimed my Driver's License was too blurry asked me to re-send it.
*Update: They have now asked for a COLOR copy of my marriage certificate.
*Update: They have now requested a photo of my old Id with my pre-marital name.
*Update: They have now requested court documents showing when I changed my name.
*Update: They declined my payout request because I didn't accept the confirmation email within 48 hours (which I never received). I called, they said said sometimes it gets trapped in spam. I had a filter to never send 5Dimes to spam. Said I am back in the queue now for a payout and to look out for the email.
*Update: Finally received my payout.
The key point from my experience is these are not on the same email thread or sequence. The verification process, I get it but based on their tactics and shut-down date it feels as if they are just buying time to not issue any payouts.
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You HAVE to Call 5dimes if You Want a Payout

I know others have brought this up in the past but all I saw was people saying the payment is faster if you call, not that you HAVE to call. I was chatting with support and this is the response I got:
"The transaction is pending. Bitcoin payouts have 2 confirmation steps, one via phone to confirm the personal information on file and the amount of the request and another one via email to confirm the account number, 4 digit pin, and the wallet address of the request. At the moment what you can do is call from the number on file to complete the phone verification 1-800-430-5896 in case you are going to call now please make sure to close the chat window first."
It's almost like they don't want to give customers their money back, who could've guessed an offshore book would be like this...
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X-post from Bitcoin Reddit: 5dimes adds Bitcoin

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5Dimes Sportsbook Review - YouTube 5dimes - All your degenerate needs How to fund your account with 5 Dimes - YouTube Bitcoin For Beginners - Funding A Sportsbook How to make a Bitcoin sportsbook deposit

Bitcoin Future at 5Dimes Mobile Casino and Online Gaming in General Anyone who has been paying attention to the online casino gaming space is aware of the huge surge in gambling over the past few years. This has happened particularly as a result of the elite cryptocurrency Bitcoin taking off, which has a host of advantages over the currently inflated fiat currency that most countries use. To ... One other thing we want to point out is how great it is 5Dimes offers bitcoin. Not only that, but it wasn’t long ago that 5Dimes had strict, low limits in place for bitcoin users. But now it looks like bitcoin is fee-free and without cash out limits for certain players. And according to expert reports, 5Dimes has an excellent reputation for paying their customers …and paying them within a ... For 5Dimes players who exclusively use bitcoin, there are no limits on the amount or frequency of payout requests. Bitcoin deposits fall within a $25 minimum and a $10,000 maximum. 5Dimes does allow you to create multiple $10,000 deposits simultaneously if you really have a lot of loot you want to put into your account. Processing can take up to 40 minutes but there are no transaction fees ... How to redeem funds from your 5Dimes account using Bitcoin (BTC) All Bitcoin payouts must be submitted through the cashier online and will be verified via email to the address on file by our Payout Team. If the payout is NOT verified via email within 24-48 hours, the payout will be cancelled. All accounts submitting Bitcoin payout requests must have activated the Device-based Authentication ... 5dimes bitcoin payout stalling tactics Customer service has been great so far but holy hell they really try everything they can to stall you. First authorize 2FA on account Then send a copy of ...

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5Dimes Sportsbook Review - YouTube

So, you've already invested in "The Secret to Successfully Gambling on Soccer" from http://www.soccersportsbettingsecrets.com and you've set up your account ... Bitcoin For Beginners - Funding A Sportsbook. Easiest way to fund an online sportsbook using these 2 internet wallets. Deposit with any offshore book. Use this link to get FREE $10 when you join ... 5Dimes is the offshore elder statesmen of online sportsbooks. The site offers reduced margins, a number of deposit bonuses and free plays, and a huge number ... http://5dimes.in Live support chat, Many ways to deposit including bitcoin. Coinbase: https://coinbase.com/?r=52d5456d1a58a0cdbf000003&utm_campaign=user-referral&src=referral-link 5dimes: http://5dimes.in BitcoinRush: https://degenbe...