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Weekly Update: 2gether has 40k users, $BOMB on Uniswap, Ghost data service, Constellation State of the Union…– 5 Jun - 11 Jun'20

Weekly Update: 2gether has 40k users, $BOMB on Uniswap, Ghost data service, Constellation State of the Union…– 5 Jun - 11 Jun'20
Hey everyone! This is Part IV of VI from our May-June update catchup series (5 Jun - 11 Jun'20):

Yosma's Cheerful Cassowary beat Eva's Bright Beetle in a quick finale to win this week's Parena which had a massive $PAR pot thanks to a generous donation from Tony. Gamer Boy’s “Random Gk” and “Renewal from January” quizzes in Tiproom were fun as always. Plus, there were 10k $PAR in prizes. Cool! Charlotte’s “Mega Trivia” got everyone scratching their heads. CoD Mobile gamers were in for an epic time this week with Tavo hosting a tournament with a 3k $PAR pot in the Parachute War Zone. Two-for-Tuesday slid into the "rap, reggae and reggaeton" mode this week. Click here to listen to the playlist. Thanks Sebastian for setting it up! If you have been around for a while, you’ll know that Clinton’s charity, For Living Independence, does some amazing work. So the next time you shop on Amazon, don’t forget to show some love though AmazonSmile.
Cap and crew made their voices heard in NYC this week in solidarity with George Floyd
Congratulations to 2gether for crossing the 40k user mark this week. A new way for account top ups was introduced as well. This week’s CEO email covers news on the latest UX and the 2GT token. Youtuber Funontheride featured the email in his video. Filippo Angeloni covered the latest updates in his newest video as well. Founder Savador Casquero wrote about crypto staking in an Investing.com article. MakerDAO covered the 2gether card in its blog post on crypto debit cards. Following the XIO dApp update from last week, Citizens brainstormed about the UI this week. Citizens also talked about some of their contrarian beliefs in crypto. Bomb community started a Uniswap rewards program. Voyager raised USD 2.1M through a private placement from investors such as Streamlined Ventures, Susquehanna, Market Rebellion etc. Their stock has seen some enormous growth this year too. CEO Stephen Ehrlich shared his thoughts on the crypto market in a recent Bloomberg article. The team also took inputs from the community on which crypto to list next. John McAfee announced a Ghost cell phone data service to be released in September. Check out how the eSIM will work from the sneak peek video. The list of supported phones is mentioned here. And hope you had good fun in ParJar Gaming while winning some cool $ESH. A new set of upgrades were pushed to the Fantom Wallet. For the latest technical update on the project, click here. This week, I also wrote a Hackernoon article (with my co-author Rohit) exploring projects which had unique variations to Proof-of-Stake for their chain consensus. Among the projects featured were Fantom, COTI and Harmony. Jeff from Uptrennd will be speaking at the LA Blockchain Summit in October this year. The winners of the Blockchain Awards were announced. The newest Opacity release allows expired accounts to be revived within 2 months of expiry.
Fantom, Harmony and COTI take up a tiny but growing slice in the global staking pie
Catch up on the latest District0x weekly update and dev update from here and here respectively. The Q1 2020 report was released as well. The project is still sitting on a healthy crypto asset base of USD 4M+. Hydro team shared a guide to choosing a prepaid debit card program manager. Their PaaS report was also covered by Finovate this week. A new research page for featuring all of Hydro’s fintech research material was released. The successful applicants of the Project Hydro Decentralization Ambassador Program (which started in May) were voted upon this week and 7 DAs were elected. Silent Notary, Ubikiri and IDL integrations were completed this week with Silent Notary now appearing in Applications section of Ubikiri. A roundup of the latest updates was published as well. Sentivate founder Thomas Marchi sat down for an interview with MineYourBiz Monday’s NrdGrl007. Mycro announced that Chaia.io will be hosting a campaign on the Mycro Hunter App soon. SelfKey’s Data Breach compendium was updated this week. And if you’re a Product Designer looking for remote work, don’t forget to check out this opening at SelfKey. What next for Constellation? Watch the Constellation Network State of The Union to find out. Their educational group Startdust Collective made a brand video and a high level explainer article on the HyperGraph Transport Protocol. Pynk is thinking about doing a global crowdfunding campaign as opposed to one that is restricted to certain countries only. In light of this, the Pynk Crowd Wisdom was put to work to find out the best way to go about this.
Results of the Project Hydro DA Elections
Wibson’s latest app update was covered by Cointelegraph and Europe World News. Click here to catch up on this week’s detailed work thread from the Harmony project. A recent Harmony ecosystem is the SmartStake dashboard to check staking stats. Sprout Wallet now supports core utilities of HRC20 tokens. The team sat down for an AMA with Binance India and KuCoin this week. Next week they will be doing another AMA with the larger Binance community. Some insights about the Harmony grants were shared in this week’s community call. Read up on Intellishare founder Raymond Xiong’s thoughts on DAOs which he shared as part of a speaker panel at the 2020 Digital Innovation Project Exchange Conference. The team also published a post on how they aim to solve the DeFi congestion. The TestNet is expected to arrive soon as well. After the latest livestream of DI-RECT’s concert which saw ~10k attendees, GET Protocol announced that they will be facilitating tickets to the follow-up show as well. A recap of the COTI journey was published to mark the one-year anniversary of the project and the occasion was celebrated with a fun trivia. DoYourTip community voted to have liquidity rewards for pooling $DYT on Uniswap.

And with that, it’s a wrap! See you again with another update. Ciao!
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Crypto.com MCO Visa kaart: nu 10% cashback op Lidl en Aldi + 1-5% op overige aankopen + $50 bonus

Crypto.com heeft nu eindelijk zijn MCO Visa kaarten beschikbaar voor de EU! Ik heb zelf gisteren mijn kaart mogen ontvangen en meteen bij de Lidl 10% cashback op mijn boodschappen gekregen: https://imgur.com/a/ITB39JX
Ik ben zelf erg enthousiast over Crypto.com en wat ze allemaal aanbieden. Ik zal hier proberen om het zo duidelijk mogelijk uit te leggen, ook voor mensen die niet zo bekend zijn met crypto.
Zou het erg op prijs stellen als je je aanmeldt via mijn referral linkje :) https://platinum.crypto.com/sxzbhwuqje of gebruik code sxzbhwuqje in de app. Hiermee kun je dan ook de $50 bonus krijgen (zie hieronder).

Wat is Crypto.com?

Crypto.com biedt een app aan waarmee je makkelijk en zonder bijkomende kosten kunt handelen in cryptocurrencies. Het bedrijf bestaat sinds 2016 (toen nog onder de naam Monaco, waar de afkorting MCO vandaan komt) en ze hebben nu 2 miljoen gebruikers.
Naast handelen kun je in de app ook o.a. rente krijgen over je crypto met tot wel 12% op stablecoins (compleet overzicht hier), net zoals bij bv. Celsius en BlockFi.

De MCO Visa kaart

Via hun app biedt Crypto.com ook de MCO Visa kaart aan. Dit is een Visa kaart gekoppeld aan de MCO cryptocurrency. Er zijn 5 verschillende kaartlevels en hiermee krijg je o.a.:
Alle cashbacks en bonussen worden uitgekeerd in de MCO cryptocurrency. Deze kun je direct verkopen in de app voor euro's. Deze euro's kun je dan ook gelijk weer gebruiken voor aankopen met je kaart.
Om een van de hogere kaartlevels te krijgen moet je MCO coins kopen en staken, dat betekent 6 maanden vastzetten. Na die 6 maanden mag je ze weer verkopen tegen de dan geldende prijs. De prijs van MCO is momenteel €5,13, dat betekent dat je €256 investeert voor de Ruby Steel kaart. Dit verdien je terug in 7 maanden (zie hieronder).
Zie hier de verschillende kaartlevels:
Cardlevel Midnight Blue Ruby Steel Jade Green/Royal Indigo
Stake (vastzetten) Geen (gratis kaart) 50 MCO (€256) 500 MCO (€2560)
Bonus na staken Geen $50 (in MCO) $50 (in MCO)
Cashback % 1% 2% 3%
Gratis Spotify Nee Ja Ja
Gratis Netflix Nee Nee Ja
Airport Lounge toegang Nee Nee Ja
Metalen kaart Nee Ja Ja

Rekenvoorbeeld terugverdientijd (7 maanden)

Ik heb hieronder een rekenvoorbeeld voor de terugverdientijd van de Ruby Steel kaart, uitgaande van €1000 aan uitgaven per maand en dat je Spotify gebruikt. Na 7 maanden heb je je initiële investering in de kaart dus al terugverdiend :)
Maar, hier komt nog bij: de 10% cashback voor boodschappen bij Lidl en Aldi t/m eind juni én ook de waarde van je MCO coins die je hebt vastgezet na 6 maanden. Zelfs al zou de waarde maar de helft zijn van wat het vandaag is, dan zijn ze alsnog €128 waard (hieronder meer over de waardeverwachting).
$50 bonus €46
2% cashback op alle aankopen gedurende 7 maanden (€1000 per maand) €140
Spotify rebate (€10 per maand) €70
Total €256

MCO waarde

De waarde van de MCO coin schommelt nu al een tijdje rond de €5. De kaarten zijn nu net beschikbaar in de EU. Omdat cashback kaarten in de EU niet veel voorkomen verwacht ik dat er steeds meer mensen geïnteresseerd zullen zijn in de kaarten. Het leuke is dat daardoor de vraag naar MCO coins stijgt (want men dient ze 6 maanden vast te zetten) en ik verwacht dat dan de prijs zal stijgen (er zijn er namelijk maar 16 miljoen van, minder dan dat er Bitcoins zijn).
Geen garanties natuurlijk maar ik ben er persoonlijk wel positief over :)


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Crypto.com MCO Visa kaart: 10% cashback op Lidl en Aldi + 1-5% op overige aankopen + $50 bonus

Crypto.com heeft nu eindelijk zijn MCO Visa kaarten beschikbaar voor de EU! Ik heb zelf gisteren mijn kaart mogen ontvangen en meteen bij de Lidl 10% cashback op mijn boodschappen gekregen: https://imgur.com/a/ITB39JX
Ik ben zelf erg enthousiast over Crypto.com en wat ze allemaal aanbieden. Ik zal hier proberen om het zo duidelijk mogelijk uit te leggen, ook voor mensen die niet zo bekend zijn met crypto.
Zou het erg op prijs stellen als je je aanmeldt via mijn linkje :) https://platinum.crypto.com/sxzbhwuqje of gebruik code sxzbhwuqje in de app. Hiermee kun je dan ook de $50 bonus krijgen (zie hieronder).

Wat is Crypto.com?

Crypto.com biedt een app aan waarmee je makkelijk en zonder bijkomende kosten kunt handelen in cryptocurrencies. Het bedrijf bestaat sinds 2016 (toen nog onder de naam Monaco, waar de afkorting MCO vandaan komt) en ze hebben nu 2 miljoen gebruikers.
Naast handelen kun je in de app ook o.a. rente krijgen over je crypto met tot wel 12% op stablecoins (compleet overzicht hier), net zoals bij bv. Celsius en BlockFi.

De MCO Visa kaart

Via hun app biedt Crypto.com ook de MCO Visa kaart aan. Dit is een Visa kaart gekoppeld aan de MCO cryptocurrency. Er zijn 5 verschillende kaartlevels en hiermee krijg je o.a.:
Alle cashbacks en bonussen worden uitgekeerd in de MCO cryptocurrency. Deze kun je direct verkopen in de app voor euro's. Deze euro's kun je dan ook gelijk weer gebruiken voor aankopen met je kaart.
Om een van de hogere kaartlevels te krijgen moet je MCO coins kopen en staken, dat betekent 6 maanden vastzetten. Na die 6 maanden mag je ze weer verkopen tegen de dan geldende prijs. De prijs van MCO is momenteel €5,13, dat betekent dat je €256 investeert voor de Ruby Steel kaart. Dit verdien je terug in 7 maanden (zie hieronder).
Zie hier de verschillende kaartlevels:
Cardlevel Midnight Blue Ruby Steel Jade Green/Royal Indigo
Stake (vastzetten) Geen (gratis kaart) 50 MCO (€256) 500 MCO (€2560)
Bonus na staken Geen $50 (in MCO) $50 (in MCO)
Cashback % 1% 2% 3%
Gratis Spotify Nee Ja Ja
Gratis Netflix Nee Nee Ja
Airport Lounge toegang Nee Nee Ja
Metalen kaart Nee Ja Ja

Rekenvoorbeeld terugverdientijd (7 maanden)

Ik heb hieronder een rekenvoorbeeld voor de terugverdientijd van de Ruby Steel kaart, uitgaande van €1000 aan uitgaven per maand en dat je Spotify gebruikt. Na 7 maanden heb je je initiële investering in de kaart dus al terugverdiend :)
Maar, hier komt nog bij: de 10% cashback voor boodschappen bij Lidl en Aldi t/m eind juni én ook de waarde van je MCO coins die je hebt vastgezet na 6 maanden. Zelfs al zou de waarde maar de helft zijn van wat het vandaag is, dan zijn ze alsnog €128 waard (hieronder meer over de waardeverwachting).
$50 bonus €46
2% cashback op alle aankopen gedurende 7 maanden (€1000 per maand) €140
Spotify rebate (€10 per maand) €70
Total €256

MCO waarde

De waarde van de MCO coin schommelt nu al een tijdje rond de €5. De kaarten zijn nu net beschikbaar in de EU. Omdat cashback kaarten in de EU niet veel voorkomen verwacht ik dat er steeds meer mensen geïnteresseerd zullen zijn in de kaarten. Het leuke is dat daardoor de vraag naar MCO coins stijgt (want men dient ze 6 maanden vast te zetten) en ik verwacht dat dan de prijs zal stijgen (er zijn er namelijk maar 16 miljoen van, minder dan dat er Bitcoins zijn).
Geen garanties natuurlijk maar ik ben er persoonlijk wel positief over :)


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Do we now have a potential VPN criminal conglomerate?

As many of you have already read, Private Internet Access has recently been acquired by a company named “Kape Technologies”. “Kape Technologies” is a huge company that also owns the likes of CyberGhost VPN as well as Zenmate. I decided to read more and found facts that thoroughly shocked me:
• CyberGhost was acquired by “Kape Technologies” (previously named “Crossrider”) back in 2017. “Crosrider” was known to hide malware/adware in their software and then sell data collected by it.
• The co-founder of “Kape Technologies”, Teddy Sagi was sentenced to prison in regards to fraud and bribery back in 1996.
• CyberGhost VPN service was also found to have WebRTC, IPv6 as well as DNS leaks multiple times, risking its users’ privacy.
• Private Internet Access hired Mark Karpeles (ex-CEO of MT.Gox BitCoin platform) as their CTO. Karpeles was arrested and found guilty when tampering with financial records, trying to hide the platform’s loss by combining his personal finances with the exchange’s.
• Private Internet Access’s founder, Andrew Lee, also known as “Rasengan” on HackerNews, made serious allegations against ProtonVPN.
• Allegations against NordVPN followed, where PIA’s employee was caught sharing a misleading PDF as a ‘concerned citizen’.
• An ex-employee of Private Internet Access was threatened due to disclosing management issues, therefore spilling a lot of information about the company.
• The same employee disclosed that PIA faked Reddit comments and ordered to downvote negative feedback about the product.
• Another thing to consider is that before acquisition, Private Internet Access was in debt of over $32 million.
The facts about these companies were easy to find, to be honest, I didn’t need to dig deep to find them. I am just truthfully shocked about this and how much I didn’t know about the companies beforehand. Personally, given this knowledge, I am not going to support these companies, especially when they potentially have criminal past and present activities.
P.S. Had to use my relative's account just cause someone is working hard to remove these posts :)
Edit: By the way - has anyone tried sharing these news with journalists, for example, PcMag or TechRadar (they're unbiased imho)? I don't see the story being covered at all, especially with these added details
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Doing a ‘hardcore challenge’ is the most fun I’ve had in Tarkov in months

My friends and I started a new hardcore challenge based loosely on a challenge we’ve seen elsewhere (detailed below), and it’s honestly the most fun I’ve had in Tarkov since the start of this wipe. I just wanted to share this in case anyone else wants to try.
The objective is to escape Tarkov by going through each map at least once without dying. The order of maps is Factory>Customs>Woods>Shoreline>Interchange>Reserve>Labs.
First raid you load in to Factory as a scav. Whatever you can walk out with is your starting kit for your PMC.
To get in to labs, you need to find a keycard.
You can repeat or go back a map at any time.
If you die, you start again. New kit, new run.
You can only bring in to the next raid what you walked out of the last raid with (I.e. what you can fit in your back pack and rig).
No pouches allowed.
No flea market and no buying items from traders with roubles, dollars or euros.
Barter trades may be used, so hold on to those barter items. You can trade a bitcoin for a key card, and a tetriz for a bitcoin, opening up a few more options for finishing the challenge.
Items found in raid can be sold to traders, and you can use the roubles to either repair your armouguns or extract (eg car extracts).
You may do this solo or as a group. If you group, sharing items is allowed and encouraged. Players can solo or group run any map, but they must be up to the same map on their route. You can wait for friends to catch up if they die and start again, or you can work your way back to meet them. Grouping with players not following this challenge is not allowed. This creates the delicious scenario my friends and I had of us sacrificing our lives to save the one guy who had a key card in their bag.
Unfortunately, I can’t credit the original idea as I can’t find it. We added some rules but if anyone can find and credit the original creator of this challenge please do so and I will update.
Tip - ammo becomes a commodity, so take as many mags off bodies as you can to empty after the raid and divvy out with your mates!
The game feels more survival-esque like DayZ, and I’ve never felt more excited to kill a scav and get a scavBP to store some spare mags in.
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Does Bitpanda actually see the BEST token as Bitpanda's ecosystem and fuel, or does Bitpanda move the BEST token into the background? - Sieht Bitpanda den BEST Token tatsächlich als Bitpandas Ökosystem und Treibstoff, oder rückt Bitpanda den BEST Token immer mehr in den Hintergrund?

  I will make this contribution available in German and in English. However, I would like to expressly note that the translation in English was carried out with the help of a translator and may not reflect the original German version 1: 1. It would be commendable if many members take part in this communication, express their mood about the history of the BEST Token so far, or if Bitpanda itself provides a detailed opinion of its community.
Ich werde diesen Beitrag in deutsch sowie in englischer Sprache zur Verfügung stellen. Ich bitte jedoch ausdrücklich zu beachten, dass die Übersetzung in englisch mit Hilfe eines Translators erfolgt ist und gegebenenfalls nicht der deutschsprachigen Originalfassung 1:1 wiedergibt. Es wäre lobenswert, wenn sich viele Mitglieder an dieser Kommunikation beteiligen, ihre Stimmung zu dem bisherigen Werdegang des BEST Token kundtun oder wenn Bitpanda selbst hierzu eine ausführliche Stellungnahme seiner Community zur Verfügung stellt.
Hallo Community, Hallo Bitpanda!
Seit der Ankündigung zum BEST IEO verfolge ich die Veränderungen und Fortschritte auf Bitpanda. Insbesondere beschäftige ich mich mit jenen, die in Verbindung mit dem BEST Token stehen. An dieser Stelle möchte ich festhalten, dass der BEST Token als „Treibstoff des Bitpanda-Ökosystems“ angepriesen wurde. In diesem Zusammenhang äußerte man sich, dass man „BEST intensiv nutzen werde“.
Mit einigen kürzlich durchgeführten Veränderungen auf Bitpanda und Bitpanda Pro, erweckt es allerdings für mich den Anschein, als rückt der BEST immer weiter in den Hintergrund, statt diesen als Ökosystem hervorzuheben. Vertrauen liegt im Detail und somit ist es meiner Auffassung nach enttäuschen, wenn im Nachgang Wortlaute (u.a. aus dem Visionpaper) auf Bitpanda.com abgeändert werden.
So erweckte es im VisionPaper für mich den Anschein, dass bereits zum Handelsstart und dem Halten einer Mindestanzahl von BEST (VIP-Level 1-3) geringere Einzahlungsgebühren als Vorteil angeboten werden.
Nun musste ich feststellen, dass man vor wenigen Tagen auf Bitpanda (https://www.bitpanda.com/de/best) den Wortlaut bei den Reward Levels abgeändert hat. Nach circa 7-8 Monaten hat man sich scheinbar dazu entschieden, ein „DEMNÄCHST“ vor die aufgeführten Vorteile zu setzen. So heißt es nun „Demnächst verfügbar: Geringere Einzahlungsgebühren bei Einzahlungen mit SOFORT oder Kreditkarte auf Bitpanda.“.
Auf der Bitpanda Startseite (https://www.bitpanda.com/de) hat man auch Aktualisierungen vorgenommen, aber scheinbar ist Bitpanda auch hier der BEST nicht würdig genug eingepflegt und genannt zu werde. So heißt es auf der Bitpanda Startseite:
„Kaufe und verkaufe jede unterstützte Kryptowährung, von Bitcoin bis Ethereum, Ripple, Pantos, Bitcoin Cash, IOTA, Litecoin, Komodo, EOS, Dash, OmiseGO, Augur, Stellar, 0x, NEM, ZCash, Tezos, Cardano, NEO, Ethereum Classic, Chainlink, Waves, Lisk, Tether, USD Coin, Cosmos, TRON, Basic Attention Token und Chiliz.“.
Weder wörtlich noch grafisch findet BEST hier seinen Platz. Und das als Token, der Bitpandas angekündigtes Ökosystem und den Treibstoff widerspiegeln soll. Da frage ich mich doch ernsthaft, ob mit „Treibstoff“ lediglich die erzielten Einnahmen durch den IEO gemeint waren, die Bitpanda nun als „Treibstoff“ dienen sollen um andere Projekte als den BEST zu pushen.
Eine weitere Veränderung ist im Bereich der unterstützten FIAT-Währungen zu finden. So hat man sich scheinbar dazu entschieden, bereits jetzt die türkische Lira als eine mögliche Einzahlungswährung grafisch abzubilden. Wörtlich wird diese jedoch noch nicht genannt. Da sollte man sich nun entscheiden, entweder nennt man diese nun auch wörtlich, wenn diese grafisch bereits abgebildet wird, oder man lässt diese sowohl wörtlich als auch grafisch weg, solange diese Option überhaupt nicht zur Verfügung steht. Erneut ein Schritt, der mehr Schein als sein erweckt, denn Einzahlungen per Lira sind eine Zukunftsvision von Bitpanda und stehen potenziellen Kunden derzeit noch nicht zur Verfügung. Diese Option wurde für das 2. Quartal angekündigt. Hiermit könnten erneut potenzielle Kunden auf Enttäuschung stoßen, da erneut etwas abgebildet oder beschrieben wird, das derzeit nicht geboten wird.
Kommen wir nun zu den Veränderungen in Bezug auf BEST im Vergleich zur Global Exchange und dem neuen Bitpanda Pro. Die Global Exchange stellte bereits wenig Werbefläche für den BEST zur Verfügung, jedoch wurde dem BEST eine entsprechende Fläche gewidmet um einigermaßen auf diesen Aufmerksam zu machen. Auf der Startseite von Bitpanda Pro findet man nun überhaupt keine Werbefläche für den BEST der einem direkt ins Auge fällt. Lediglich am unteren Ende der Bitpanda Pro Seite steht „Wann kann ich BEST verwenden, um eine Ermäßigung von 25% auf Tradinggebühren zu erhalten?“.
Zumal man meiner Ansicht nach mit der zukünftigen Vorgehensweise bei Bitpanda Pro von den ursprünglichen Visionen aus dem VisionPaper abweicht. Den dort wurde die Global Exchange angekündigt mit den Worten „Die hochmoderne Plattform macht alle digitalen Assets an der Bitpanda Global Exchange tradebar. Darüber hinaus wird sie auch als Vermittler fungieren, um Angebot und Nachfrage für die Bitpanda Plattform sicherzustellen.“.
In einem Zeitraum von mehr als 6 Monaten nach Handelsstart, wurden KEINE weiteren Traidingpaare der Exchange hinzugefügt und nun hat man sich entschieden dem Kind einen anderen Namen zu geben und sich auf FIAT-to-Krypto zu konzentrieren. Eine weitere persönliche Enttäuschung und aus meiner Sicht Abweichung der im VisonPaper erfolgten Aussagen.
Bitpanda schreibt in ihrer Ankündigung zum Tokenburn (Ende Januar 2020), dass man den rufen der Community folgen möchte und unter anderem sich deshalb dazu entschieden hat, den ersten Tokenburn von April 2020 auf Januar 2020 vorzuziehen. Betrachtet man das VisionPaper, war es jedoch eher ein Bestandteil der dort erfolgten Aussagen. In diesem heißt es nämlich „Wenn Bitpanda Nutzer Gebühren mit BEST zahlen, wird Bitpanda 25% des Betrags der BEST Einnahmen vierteljährlich zerstören (Token Burn). Dies passiert, bis 50% des kompletten BEST-Vorrates zerstört wurden.“ Da mit dem 30.10.2019 die Funktion zum Bezahlen der Gebühren mit BEST eingeführt wurde, fällt der darauf folgende Zeitraum „vierteljährlich“ auf den 30.01.2020.
Eine weitere Abweichung, auch wenn diese positiv erscheinen mag ist, dass man im Visionpaper von einer Zerstörung in Höhe von 25% spricht. Tatsächlich beruft man sich bei dem stattgefundenen Tokenburn nun auf „mindestens 25%“ und stellt somit gegenüber seinen Kunden keine Transparenz zur Verfügung, wie viele BEST (prozentual betrachtet) nun tatsächlich geburnt wurden.
In diversen Foren kann man aus den Beiträgen der Nutzer entnehmen, dass BEST nicht im Mittelpunkt von Bitpanda steht. Vorschläge wie BEST Banner auf den Bitpanda Startseiten hat man ignoriert. Nun konnte man jedoch in Form eines Banners auf den Bitpanda Startseiten eine Werbefläche erstellen, um den Schritt der Expansion in die Türkei jedem Besucher einzublenden, bzw. dauerhaft im oberen Bereich der Startseiten darzustellen.
BEST bietet seinen Nutzern auch bislang KEINERLEI Vorteile die es notwenig erscheinen lassen, BEST in einer höheren Stückzahl zu halten. Die angepriesenen VIP-Level in denen 5.000, 50.000 oder 500.000 BEST gehalten werden müssen, sind auch nach mehr als 6 Monaten ohne Vorteile für die Hodler. Bislang steht lediglich die Verwendung des BEST zur Verfügung, mit dem man seine Traidinggebühren bezahlen kann. Um 50% Rabatt auf die Traidinggebühren zu erhalten spielt es meiner Erfahrung nach keine Rolle, ob man 10, 100, 1.000 oder 100.000 BEST hält. Jeder der auch nur einen BEST hält, erhält 50% Rabatt auf die Traidinggebühren. Es ist demnach absolut ausreichend, wenn man lediglich die Anzahl an BEST hält, die notwendig sind um eventuell anfallende Traidinggebühren mit BEST zahlen zu können. Wo wird der Anreiz geschaffen, sich mit BEST einzudecken?
Mit dem Tokenburn (Ende Januar 2020) hat man nun angekündigt, dass man bald mit dem BEST geringere Einzahlungsgebühren erhält. Eine Funktion die bereits im VisionPaper vor dem Handelsstart angepriesen wurde. Auch weitere Funktionen wurden hierbei entsprechend angekündigt. Aber auch mehrere Wochen nach dieser Ankündigung erleben die BEST Kunden keine Umsetzung dieser Worte.
Man führt auf Bitpanda Pro neue Fiat-to-Krypto Traidingpaare (CHF) ein, jedoch werden der Treibstoff und das Ökosystem selbst, nicht als CHF/BEST Traidingpaar eingepflegt.
Es mag sein, dass einige Situationen sehr kritisch durchleuchtet wurden. Aber die geschilderten Situationen sind jetzt auch nicht von der Hand zu weisen. Ein Ökosystem rückt nicht immer weitere in den Hintergrund und wird zur Nebensache. Ein Treibstoff sollte zünden und nicht bremsen. Als BEST Kunde bin ich über die bisherigen Entwicklungen, getroffenen Aussagen im VisionPaper, angekündigten Visionen und deren tatsächlicher Umsetzung mehr als enttäuscht. Bitpanda äußert sich stets dahingehend, dass der BEST Kurs nicht von Bitpanda beeinflusst werden kann, sondern ein Resultat aus Angebot und Nachfrage ist. Allerdings liegt es in der Hand von Bitpanda entsprechend Einfluss auf den BEST Kurs zu nehmen, in dem man liefert was man mit „Ökosystem, Treibstoff, VIP-Level“ versprochen oder angekündigt hat. Der BEST muss nun endlich in den Mittelpunkt gerückt werden, er muss auf den eigenen Startseiten deutlich hervorgehoben werden, er muss Vorteile für die BEST Hodler bieten und nicht jedem Kunden der sich lediglich mit 10,00 Euro BEST eindeckt und Bitpanda nicht zu einem der erfolgreichsten IEO in Europa verholfen hat. Bitpanda ist seinen Investoren und IEO Einsteigern etwas schuldig und zwar einen BEST der im Mittelpunkt steht, einen BEST der ausschließlich beim Halten einer bestimmten Anzahl den Bitpanda / BEST Kunden einen Vorteil bietet. Exklusive Vorteile, Partnerschaften, Gutscheine, Goodies, Zugänge, u.v.m.! Schafft Vertrauen und zeigt euren Kunden endlich, dass der BEST nicht in den Hintergrund rückt, sondern die Aufmerksamkeit erhält, mit der er im VisionPaper euren Kunden schmackhaft gemacht wurde.
ENGLISH (Translator):
Hello community, Hello Bitpanda!
Since announcing the BEST IEO, I've been following the changes and advances on Bitpanda. In particular, I deal with those related to the BEST token. At this point I would like to state that the BEST token was touted as "fuel for the Bitpanda ecosystem". In this context, it was stated that "BEST will be used intensively".
However, with some recent changes to Bitpanda and Bitpanda Pro, it seems to me that the BEST is moving into the background rather than highlighting it as an ecosystem. Trust is in the details and therefore, in my opinion, it is disappointing if wording (e.g. from the vision paper) is subsequently changed on Bitpanda.com.
So it seemed to me in VisionPaper that even at the start of trading and holding a minimum number of BEST (VIP levels 1-3), lower deposit fees are offered as an advantage.
Now I had to find out that a few days ago the wording of the reward levels was changed on Bitpanda (https://www.bitpanda.com/de/best). After about 7-8 months, it appears that the decision has been made to put a "COMING SOON" ahead of the advantages listed. It is now called "Coming soon: Lower deposit fees for deposits with SOFORT or credit card on Bitpanda."
Updates have also been made on the Bitpanda homepage (https://www.bitpanda.com/de), but apparently Bitpanda is not worthy of the BEST token being entered and named here either. So it says on the Bitpanda homepage:
“Buy and sell any supported cryptocurrency, from Bitcoin to Ethereum, Ripple, Pantos, Bitcoin Cash, IOTA, Litecoin, Komodo, EOS, Dash, OmiseGO, Augur, Stellar, 0x, NEM, ZCash, Tezos, Cardano, NEO, Ethereum Classic , Chainlink, Waves, Lisk, Tether, USD Coin, Cosmos, TRON, Basic Attention Token and Chiliz.".
BEST has no place here either literally or graphically. And that as a token that is supposed to reflect Bitpanda's announced ecosystem and the fuel. So I seriously ask myself whether "fuel" only meant the income generated by the IEO, which Bitpanda should now serve as "fuel" to push projects other than BEST.
Another change can be found in the area of supported FIAT currencies. So it seems that the decision has already been made to graphically depict the Turkish lira as a possible deposit currency. However, this is not yet mentioned literally. You should now decide whether you want to name it literally if it is already shown graphically, or you can leave it out both literally and graphically as long as this option is not available at all. Another step that gives the impression of being more than real, because deposits made with Lira are a future vision of Bitpanda and are not yet available to potential customers. This option was announced for the second quarter. This could again disappoint potential customers, as something is depicted or described that is not currently available.
Now we come to the changes regarding BEST compared to the Global Exchange and the new Bitpanda Pro. The Global Exchange already made little advertising space available for the BEST, but a corresponding area was dedicated to the BEST to draw some attention to this. On the homepage of Bitpanda Pro there is no advertising space for the BEST that catches your eye. Only at the bottom of the Bitpanda Pro page is "When can I use BEST to get a 25% discount off trading fees?"
Especially since in my opinion the future approach at Bitpanda Pro differs from the original visions from the VisionPaper. The Global Exchange was announced there with the words “The ultra-modern platform makes all digital assets tradable on the Bitpanda Global Exchange. It will also act as an intermediary to ensure supply and demand for the Bitpanda platform. ”.
In a period of more than 6 months after the start of trading, NO further trading pairs were added to the exchange and now it has been decided to give the child a different name and to focus on FIAT-to-crypto. Another personal disappointment and in my view a deviation from the statements made in the VisonPaper.
In its announcement about Tokenburn (end of January 2020), Bitpanda writes that it wants to follow the calls of the community and, among other things, has therefore decided to move the first Tokenburn from April 2020 to January 2020. If you look at the VisionPaper, it was more a part of the statements made there. It says, "If Bitpanda users pay fees with BEST, Bitpanda will destroy 25% of the amount of BEST revenue quarterly (Token Burn). This happens until 50% of the entire BEST inventory has been destroyed. ”Since the function for paying the fees with BEST was introduced on October 30, 2019, the following period falls“ quarterly ”on January 30, 2020.
Another deviation, even if this may seem positive, is that the vision paper speaks of a destruction of 25%. In fact, the Tokenburn that has taken place now refers to “at least 25%” and thus does not provide any transparency to its customers as to how many BEST (as a percentage) have actually been destroyed.
In various forums, it can be seen from the user contributions that BEST is not the focus of Bitpanda. Suggestions like BEST banners on the Bitpanda homepage have been ignored. However, it was now possible to create an advertising space in the form of a banner on the Bitpanda start pages in order to display the step of expanding into Turkey to every visitor, or to display it permanently in the upper area of the start page.
BEST has so far NOT offered its users any advantages that make it seem necessary to keep BEST in a larger number. The advertised VIP levels, in which 5,000, 50,000 or 500,000 BEST have to be held, are without advantages for the Hodler even after more than 6 months. So far, only the BEST is available, with which you can pay your traiding fees. In my experience, to get a 50% discount on the traiding fees, it doesn't matter whether you hold 10, 100, 1,000 or 100,000 BEST. Everyone who holds even a BEST receives a 50% discount on the traiding fees. It is therefore absolutely sufficient if you only keep the number of BEST that are necessary to be able to pay any applicable traiding fees with BEST. Where is the incentive created to stock up with BEST?
With the Tokenburn (end of January 2020), it has now been announced that soon you will receive lower deposit fees with the BEST. A function that was advertised in the VisionPaper before the start of trading. Other functions have also been announced accordingly. But even several weeks after this announcement, BEST customers do not see these words implemented.
Bitpanda Pro introduces new fiat-to-crypto traiding pairs (CHF), but the fuel and the ecosystem itself are not included as CHF / BEST traiding pairs.
It may be that some situations have been examined very critically. But the situations described cannot be dismissed out of hand either. One ecosystem does not always take a back seat and becomes a minor matter. A fuel should ignite and not brake. As a BEST customer, I am more than disappointed with the developments to date, statements made in the VisionPaper, announced visions and their actual implementation. Bitpanda always states that the BEST course cannot be influenced by Bitpanda, but is a result of supply and demand. However, it is up to Bitpanda to influence the BEST course, in which you deliver what you have promised or announced with "ecosystem, fuel, VIP level". The BEST must finally be brought into focus, it must be clearly highlighted on its own homepage, it must offer advantages for the BEST Hodler and not every customer who only buys EUR 10.00 and Bitpanda is not one of the most successful Helped IEO in Europe. Bitpanda owes something to its investors and IEO beginners, namely a BEST that takes center stage, a BEST that only offers Bitpanda / BEST customers an advantage if they keep a certain number. Exclusive benefits, partnerships, vouchers, goodies, access, and much more! Build trust and finally show your customers that BEST does not move into the background, but receives the attention with which it was made palatable to your customers in VisionPaper.
submitted by Hinterfragt to bitpanda [link] [comments]

Escape from Tarkov - New Player Guide!


NEW VERSION: https://www.reddit.com/EscapefromTarkov/comments/ffyynf/escape_from_tarkov_new_player_guide_20_75_pages/

Greetings, this is dumnem, also known as Theorchero, but you can call me Theo. I'm an experienced Tarkov player and I'm writing this guide to try and assist new Tarkov players learn the game, because it has one hell of a learning curve. We'll be going over a lot of different aspects of this guide, and it is going to be huge. Feel free to digest this in parts.
Additionally, this is a work in progress. I will write as much as I can in one Reddit post, but subsequent parts will be in additional comments. Google Docs Version (Note: Link is placeholder atm)
Disclaimer: I haven't played Tarkov regularly in a couple months. It's possible there has been extensive changes that I have not kept up with. If there is anything I have gotten wrong or may have omitted, please let me know.
This is Primarily directed towards Tarkov Novices. It hopefully includes everything you need to know to be able to go into a Raid equipped for success and to successfully extract with gear.
Want to play with friends? Want to have fun and learn Tarkov? Check out my discord here.


  • Added Veritas chart
  • Fixed Vaseline/Star Balm stats, lab key card.
  • Adjusted formatting slightly, spelling adjustments.
  • Added additional resource, updated old ones.

Table of Contents

  • Tarkov Overview - What is Escape from Tarkov?
  • Tarkov Resources - Useful links
  • Tarkov's Maps
  • Tarkov's Health System
  • Tarkov's Quest System and Progression
  • Tarkov's Hotkeys to Know
  • Getting Started
  • Player Scavs
  • New Player's loadouts - LL1 Traders
  • What to Loot - How to get the most money per slot
  • Stash Management - How to combat Gear Fear
  • What now?

Tarkov Overview - What is Escape from Tarkov?

Escape from Tarkov is a tactical, realistic, FPS with MMO elements developed by Battlestate Games. It is currently in closed Beta. The game features several maps in which your primary character, your PMC, goes into Raids in order to find and salvage loot and useful equipment to survive and thrive in Tarkov. Death is very punishing in Tarkov. If you die you lose everything you had on you when you die (with the exception of what's inside your Container and your melee weapon) including any equipment you brought with you or what you found inside the Raid.
Enemies can be players (PMCs) or 'Scavs' (Scavengers) that are either controlled by AI or by players. Unlike many shooters, AI enemies in Tarkov are deadly - they can and will kill you on sight.
It features beautiful and immersive environments, intricate and in-depth weapon modification system, a complex health system, attention to detail with loot placement, and options for combat. Do you want to play slow and stealthy, to avoid fights, or set up a deadly ambush on an unwary foe? Or do you prefer to raw combat, where only your quick wit, placements of shots, and tenaciousness determines who gets out alive? It's your Tarkov. You make the rules.

Tarkov Resources - Useful links

I take no credit or responsibility for any of the content in these links. To the best of my knowledge, these are updated consistently and are accurate, but user beware.

Quick-Reference Ammo Chart

Created by SirKilljoy, you can find it here. Note: As of 6/2/19, Outdated. Searching for updated file. Send if you have one!
An updated ammo chart can be found here. It's not fancy or quick reference though. Sorry!

Tarkov Wiki

Absolutely fantastic resource. You can visit them here.
It is a massive collection of everything that we players have been able to find.
They contain trades, user-created maps, lists of ammo, parts, weapons, loot, etc. If it's in the game, it's on the Wiki, somewhere.
I highly recommend opening the wiki page for the Map that you plan on raiding in.
The Lab ('Labs')

Map Keys and You

Huge collection of all the keys in the game. These are also on the wiki, but this page has them all on one page, and tries to inform the user if the key is worth keeping or using.
Check it out here.
This section is open to revision. Mention me in a thread (or in the comments below) about a resource and I'll see about adding it here.

Tarkov's Weapon Compatibility Guide

Pretty self explanatory. Also includes a Key guide and a Mod guide.
Check it out here.

HUGE Reference Bible by Veritas

Courtesy of Veritas (Send me his reddit username?), It's located here. (Open in new tab.)
Contains: Detailed information about: Ammunition, Health, Firearms, Body Armor, Helmets, Rigs & Backpacks, Labs & Quest keys.

Tarkov's Maps

Tarkov features several maps - ranging from wide, beautiful vistas to ruined factory districts, to an abandoned laboratory where illegal experiments were being conducted. It is important to learn the maps you intend to play. In order to keep your gear, you must 'extract' at one of your designated exfiltration points. Not all exfils will be active every game, and some are conditional.
To see what extracts are available to you, double tap 'O' to show raid time and your exfils. If it has a ???? it might not be open.
You can load Raids in an OFFLINE status, which allows you to explore the map or practice against AI without losing gear.
You do not keep any EXP or gear you find in the OFFLINE Raid, though.
To access OFFLINE Raids, head into a Raid normally until you see this screen.
Simply check 'Enable OFFLINE mode for this Raid' and you're good to go! You even have a choice on whether or not to add AI. You can also control how many AI enemies spawn, fewer than normal or a great deal more! You can even make Scavs fight each other. (Framerates beware.)


Gate 3 Extract
A small, fast-paced map that was primarily created for PvP. Scavs spawn in all the time. Very close quarters, shotguns and SMGs tend to dominate here. PMCs can only access one Exit (Gate 3) without the Factory Exit Key. Good place to go if you need PMC kills as action is pretty much guaranteed. It is recommend NOT to bring in a lot of gear to Factory until you are experienced.


Extract map
A fairly large map that was recently expanded. Essentially, players spawn either on 'warehouse' or 'boiler (stacks)' side. If you see a large red warehouse near you (Customs Warehouse), then you spawned on the warehouse side. If you don't, you likely spawned near Boiler side.
The location for most quests in the game. Finding geared players here is very easy, so if you are low level attempting to complete early quests (like The Bronze Pocketwatch) it's recommend to AFK in the raid for 20 mins or so, as most players will have moved out of spawns and hit the 'hot' areas already, so it's less likely to be contested, so you may grab your quest item(s) and proceed immediately to Exfil.
Contains a Scav Boss, which is a group of scavs with above-average to high-tier gear that has a chance to spawn in Dorms or Gas Station.


Woods Map with Exfil
A very large map that is mostly just a large forest, with the occasional bunker, and the Lumber Mill in the center. The Lumber Mill is the primary point of interest, as it contains a couple quest locations and is the primary location to farm Scavs, as Scavs killed on woods is the only known location to find the Arsenal Key, which is the rarest and most valuable key in the game at the moment.
Since the map is so large and open, sniper rifles with scopes usually reign king here. You will see a lot of players with Mosin rifles as they are a cheap way to train the Sniper skill (for a quest later on) and are capable of killing geared players and scavs alike.
Overall, not usually very populated. An early quest from Prapor sends you here to kill a number of Scavs. A good map to learn the game, as although the loot is not fantastic, you can get experience with how the game runs and operates while fighting AI and possibly getting lucky with a key find off a scav.


Shoreline Map, with Loot, Exfil, etc
A very large map, notorious for its FPS hit. Generally speaking, one of the better maps for loot.
The primary point of interest is the Resort, but scavs spawn there, and is primarily occupied by hatchlings (players only with hatchet, ie melee weapon) and geared players. Resort has great loot, but requires keys to access most of it.
A great map to learn though from new players as the outskirts still contains plenty of loot and combat opportunities with AI scavs. You can hit Villa, Scav Island, Weather station, Docks, etc and come out with a backpack full of valuable gear fairly easily.
Location of many quests, including a large quest chain where players are required to kill many, many, scavs on Shoreline.


Detailed map
Great, great loot area, but very complex map. Doesn't run very well on old computers. Features a mostly-binary exfil system like Shoreline, but.. kinda worse. Exfil camping is fairly common on this map. Huge map with multiple floors and many many different stores. Communication with teammates is a challenge on this map, but the map is also fantastically detailed.
This map features a lot of loot that depends on the kind of store you're in. It's a great place to farm rare barter materials which are valuable to sell on the Flea market or to use for quests. An early quest (from Ragman) sends you here to kill a large amount of Scavs. I'd recommend getting Ragman to level 2 and accepting his quest before going to Interchange, as getting this quest done can take a while as it is and you want all scav kills to count towards progress.

The Lab ('Labs')

Here's a map.
This is a very complex map, so I highly recommend you read the Wiki article and look at all the maps to get an idea of what it's like.


If you purchase insurance and lose your items on this map, doesn't matter from whom, you will not get them back.


Labs is by far the most lucrative map to play at the moment. You can easily earn several million roubles per hour by killing Raiders (Juiced-up scavs that are ONLY on Labs), looting their equipment, then running to one of the many, many extracts. Extract camping is hard to pull off and pretty much not viable on Labs.
DISCLAIMER: Labs, like much of Tarkov, is under constant development, so issues may be fixed or created without warning. Always check patch notes!


Raiders are the avatars of Death in Tarkov, clad in USEC and BEAR hats, high-end armor, and plenty of firepower to boot. Do not fight Raiders directly. They WILL kill you. Raiders are absolutely broken this patch, and are getting fixed next patch to help fix their exploits of both poor AI and how they're a little.. insane. At the moment, the only way to kill raiders is to camp a hallway, room, or door, and attract the scavs to you, headshotting them the moment they enter before they have a chance to lock onto you.
Raiders can see you through and shoot you through surfaces you cannot.
This means you have to be very careful when engaging them. They are also often equipped with very high-end ammo, meaning that most faceshields (even Killa helmets) can be useless vs a Scav who spawned with 'big boy' ammo, 7N39. They can shoot your head if it's even slightly visible. They can prone instantly, as they have no ping. If they drop without slumping over, get to cover immediately.
Typically, strategies to farm Labs (barring rushing certain rooms for static loot) involve rushing a camp-spot and baiting raiders to your location and taking them out quickly, efficiently, and with no mercy. There are many locations to camp, and since there's so many exfiltrations, it's ultimately up to personal preference.
Raiders often spawn with armor (often Troopers and Gen4s) a rig (Sniper or Ana Alpha rig, usually) and a variety helmets and weapons. Always check the ammo the raiders spawn with. If they spawn with ANYTHING other than PS (and 12 gauge) LOOT IT! You can right click their magazine and hit 'unload ammo' to get the ammo without having to grab the mags, which saves space.
BS, BT, BP, 7N39, etc can be worth several hundred roubles a round on the market. They're extremely valuable.
Additionally, Raiders spawn IFAKS, Morphine, and grenades (F-1 & Flashbangs (Zarya)) with regularity. They can also spawn with random consumables and large clumps of cash in their pockets as well. They can spawn several backpacks, most of them being rather large, if relatively uncommon.
Additionally, Raiders can have American names, breach doors, and mumble as if they are a USEC PMC because some of the Raiders are actually USECs. You will learn with experience what the Scavs will or will not say.
Experience Farming on Labs
Labs is perhaps the best place to farm experience on the current patch.
Killing a Raider with a headshot awards 1100 Experience.
This does not include any looting, inspection (searching bodies), examine, streak, or other experience.
Killing a large sequence of Raiders gives additional bonus experience in the form of Streak rewards, usually 100 bonus exp per additional kill.
Surviving the raid multiplies all of these sources of experience by 1.5x
Changes coming to Labs
Disclaimer: I am not a BSG developer or employee. This is what I have seen on this subreddit and heard elsewhere. Some might be purely rumor, but other points are confirmed by Nikita.
Labs is currently undergoing an overhaul. At the moment, you require consumable Keycards to enter Labs, which may be purchased from Therapist or bartered Mechanic in exchange for 1 Bitcoin starting at Loyalty Level II. They can also be found in drawers and jackets. Scavs can drop permanent keycards that replace most keys used in the previous iteration of labs.
The full extent of the changes coming is not known.
Remember, you can load a map in OFFLINE mode to practice against bots or to learn the map without fear of losing gear.

Tarkov's Health System

Tarkov Wiki Article
Tarkov has a very advanced health system, and while it might seem overwhelming at first, you'll get the hang of it rather quickly. It features a very wide variety of effects and injury, including hydration, energy, blood pressure, blood loss, fractures, contusion, intoxication, exhaustion, tremors and more.
Not all of the Health System is implemented yet. Expect changes!
Your character (PMC, or otherwise) has a combined Health of 435. Each of his limbs have separate health. Taking damage to a limb that reduces it to 0 'blacks' that limb. Blacked limbs are a problem. They greatly impair the activities your PMC performs, and taking damage in a blacked limb amplifies the damage by a multiplier and spreads that damage among your other non-black limbs equally. You cannot heal a blacked limb.
Notes: Bloodloss applies damage to the affected limb and can be spread like other damage to a blacked limb. Treat immediately. Also causes significant dehydration!
Losing a limb applies additional effects. Fractures also apply these effects but not the damage amplification (Except for damage if running on fractured leg.)
Dehydration is what happens when your Hydration level reaches 0. You can view your Hydration level in your gear page, at the bottom left. Becoming dehydrated is extremely bad. You take constant damage. Taking dehydration damage can kill you if you have a black chest or head.
Head/Chest: Bullet damage resulting in losing your head or chest is instant death. Note: Bloodloss resulting in your Head/Chest being black does not result in death, but any damage to them beyond that point will! A back chest will causes you to cough (much like your stomach!)
Painkillers: Prevents coughing that comes from your chest. Doesn't help otherwise.
Stomach: Massively increased rate of dehydration and energy loss. You must find liquids or exit the Raid soon. Additionally, your PMC will cough sputter loudly, attracting attention.
Painkillers: Significantly reduces the frequency and volume of the coughs.
Arms: Makes activities like searching, reloading, etc, take additional time, as well as adding a sway, reducing accuracy. Arms have a .7x damage multiplier.
Painkillers: Reduces sway, removes debuff Pain.
Legs: Blacked legs cause your PMC to stumble and be unable to run. Blacked legs have a 1x damage multiplier.
Painkillers: Allows you to walk at full speed and to run.
WARNING: Running while your legs are blacked or fractured WILL DAMAGE YOU.
Health Items
Tarkov features many health items - 'Aid' items, which can be used to restore your characters health and to fix ailments or injuries he receives as the result of combat or mishaps. The two most important health conditions to consider are bloodloss and fractures, which have both been covered above. Some food items may have ancillary effects, such as losing hydration.
Since in the current patch the only ailments to worry about are bleeding and fractures, it changes which health items are most necessary. We'll go over them below.

Health Restoration

Medical Items on Wiki
AI-2 medkit
The newb's medical kit. You receive several of these when you start Tarkov - they'll already be in your stash. Available from Level I Therapist, they are cheap and effective way of healing early in the game. They will not stop bloodloss. Because of this, you also need to bring bandages or a higher-grade medical kit.
Affectionately called 'little cheeses' by the Tarkov community. Using it takes 2 seconds, and because of how cheap it is, it's often brought in by higher level players to supplement their healing without draining their main kit (which is capable of healing bloodloss or sometimes fractures). Due to its short use time, it's often very useful during combat as you can take cover and quickly recover damage taken to a vital limb.
The newb's bloodloss solution. Available from Therapist at Level I. A better version, the Army Bandage is available at Level II, after a quest. Mostly obsolete after unlocking the Car Medical kit. Activating takes 4 seconds, and removes bloodloss to one limb.
The newb's solution to fractures. Cheap, takes five seconds to use, and takes up 1 slot. Not generally recommended to take because fractures effects can be greatly mitigated with the use of Painkillers. Available from Therapist at Level I, no quest needed.
Car Medical Kit
The newb's first real medical solution. Available LL1 as a barter (2 Duct Tape) and available for Roubles after completing Therapist's second quest. Has a larger health pool than AI-2's (220, vs AI-2's 100), and removes bloodloss. Takes up a 1x2 slot, so requires to be placed in a tactical rig in order to be used effectively. Cheap and fairly efficient, takes a standard 4 seconds to use. Rendered effectively obsolete when the Salewa is unlocked.
Good medkit for use in mid and end-game. Contains 400 total health and can remove bloodloss. Relatively expensive at 13k roubles per kit, though. Same size as the Car medical kit, so requires a tactical rig to use effectively. Because Tarkov does not currently have effects like Toxication in the game at the moment, this kit is favored by most players who go into a raid with at least a moderate level of gear.
Unlocked at Therapist Level II after completing a level 10 Prapor quest, Postman Pat Part II.
Fantastic medical kit, and is the one preferred by most players. Features 300 health and the ability to remove bloodloss and a host of other negative effects that are not yet implemented into the game. It does not, however, remove fractures. Taking up only a single slot, it is favored by players in all stages of gear, and it is recommend to carry one in your Secure Container in case of emergencies. Is available at Therapist Level II for a barter (Sugar + Sodium), and may be purchased for Roubles at Level III after completing Healthcare Privacy, Part I.
It is a fairly expensive kit, but due to its durability, its small size, and ability to remove bloodloss, it is a very common medical item used by players of all levels.
The 'big daddy' medical kit, boasting an impressive total health resource of 1800. It is also a very large kit, taking up 4 slots (2x2) - in order to be able to use this quickly, it would require specialized tactical rigs that feature a 2x2 slot. It removes all negative effects (some costing HP resource), including fractures.
Used by highly-geared players who intend on staying in raids for an extended period of time, or by players with additional Secure Container space available in case of emergencies. It is available for barter at Therapist Level II, and purchase at Therapist Level 4.

Pain Management

Using any of these items results in your character being 'On Painkillers' which allows you to sprint on fractured and blacked legs, as well as reducing effects of fractures and blacked limbs, and removing the debuff Pain. Essentially, the only difference between most of these items are the speed of use, price, availability, and duration of the effect.
Analgin Painkillers
The holy grail of pain medication. With the recent changes, "Painkillers" now have 4 total uses, not 1. The total duration is now greater than Morphine and less risk of waste. Takes a short time to use, and is available from Therapist Level 1 for both barter and Roubles.
Quick application of painkillers. Favored by some highly geared players as it has greater usability in combat then it's typical counterpart, Painkillers. Has a longer duration, but only one use. Is required for a fairly early Therapist (and a late Peacekeeper) Quest, so it is recommend to hoard 10 of them, then sell the rest unless you intend on using them. They are worth a good amount to Therapist and take up little space so they are a valuable loot item. Available from Therapist for Roubles at Level 4, after completing Healthcare Privacy, Part 3.
Basically a cheaper Morphine. One use, 260s. Not recommended over Painkillers due to its cost. No current barter for this item, so usually it's just a fairly expensive, small loot item to sell to Therapist when found.
Powerful painkiller. Lasts 600 seconds and has 12 uses. However, it is not recommended to use it as a Painkiller. It is very valuable because it cannot be purchased from Dealers, it must be found, and it is a barter component to late-game containers, the Keytool and THICC Items Case.
Powerful medical item. Cannot be purchased from dealers. Has 10 uses. Removes Pain.
Golden Star Balm
Fairly useful medical item. It can remove Pain and Contusion (not a big deal of a debuff, goes away on its own shortly) and provides a small bonus to hydration and energy. However, because Hydration is usually easy to restore (Liquids are easy to find as 'common' or 'trash' tier loot), and Energy at the moment can't run to 0 within current Raid timers, it is Recommended to just to sell to Therapist as a Loot item.
Medical Injectors are not covered here. Essentially, they are powerful but niche items with strong side effects. Most recommended use is to store them in your Secure Container and sell them either on the Flea Market or to Therapist for roubles.
To be able to Hotkey a medicine item, they must be in a tactical rig or your pockets.

Tarkov's Quest, Progression, and Experience Systems

Tarkov features a very immersive progression system where your main character (PMC) is going into raids to acquire loot - goods that can be sold for a profit to other players, to Dealers (NPC Merchants), or used to fulfill quest requirements in order to complete them and receive your rewards. Additionally, your main character will increase their prowess in a number of skills, which increases everything from how much they can run, increases the ease of which recoil can be controlled, and even how far you can throw grenades. These are referred to 'soft skills.'
Additionally, your PMC is assigned a Level. You can increase your Level by earning Experience - which is rewarded by performing numerous tasks throughout the Raid, completing quests, examining new items, killing other players and Scavs, etc. Successfully extracting from a raid will increase the experience you earn from the raid via a multiplier.
Increasing your PMC's level will allow you to complete additional quests, which increases your Reputation with certain Dealers (and may reduce your Reputation with others) allowing you access to better equipment to purchase. Additionally, completing quests will often reward you with large sums of currency and sometimes equipment, and certain quests unlock items for purchase from that dealer.
A Dealer's arsenal of available weapons, ammo, mods, medication, containers, and etc to purchase by you is determined by their Loyalty Level - or LL, for short. Certain Dealers specialize in different kinds of equipment, and they will pay different rates or straight up not buy particular items. In a future release, eventually Dealers will offer discounts to the player based off their Loyalty Level.
Article on Dealers

Increasing Loyalty Level

Increasing your Trader's loyalty level is extremely important to your progression and overall success in Tarkov. Being able to purchase better Ammo and Equipment is essential to being able to fight other players and secure their loot for your own. Owning Prepare for Escape and Edge of Darkness (EoD) editions of Escape from Tarkov will increase your starting Reputations with Traders. It is unclear if this change will stay after the game's full release.
Typically though, you need three things to increase your Trader's level.
  • Reputation
This is accomplished via quests. Completing a quest will reward you with an increase in the quest givers' reputation, sometimes an increase in another trader's reputation, and sometimes will reduce the Reputation of another trader. Not all Traders need a certain level of Reputation to increase their loyalty Level to II. Peacekeeper and Ragman, for example, just need you to spend a certain amount of money with them.
  • Character Level and Experience Gain
The primary gate behind your trade level (and thus your overall economy and gear leverage) is your Character Level. You increase this by gaining Experience. The easiest way to gain experience is to Loot high value areas, fight players, and kill scavs while completing quests. Generally speaking, your level will advance as you play the game at a moderate pace. One way to farm experience though is to avoid looting all-together and just focus on killing a large number of scavs from a safe distance, after learning where they tend to spawn on any given map. This patch however, labs is fantastic for experience gain. (See above.) Another strategy (albeit one that takes longer) is to loot everything, then drop what you don't want. You gain experience for finding items and picking them up, so picking them up to drop them is technically the best way to gain the most exp per kill.
You can receive additional bonuses to Experience earned. Successfully extracting will increase your experience by a multiplier, typically 1.5x the experience gained during the raid, escaping also rewards a 300 exp Escape bonus which is added to your total before the multiplier is applied.
You can also receive experience bonuses for Exploration, so visiting different parts of the map will reward you with sums of experience, usually 100 to 300 or so. Killing multiple enemies in a row will reward you with Streaks, whose rewards increase as you get more kills. Getting a kill with a Headshot also significantly improves experience gain from kills. You also receive a (very small) bonus when you survive consecutive raids.
Note: Completing a Raid too early (via extraction) will cause you to receive a Run-Through status, which reduces experience earned in that raid by 50%.
Most Quests require you to be a certain level to unlock, and upon completion rewards you with a lot of exp and usually the ability to purchase specific equipment.
  • Money Spent
This is pretty self-explanatory. As mentioned above, Peacekeeper and Ragman can be increased easily just be selling and buying from them. If you need to artifically inflate the amount spent, a good idea is to purchase a large amount of cheap items from them and sell them back to the Trader. You still take a significant loss, usually around 50-60% per purchase, but since the money spent counts both items sold to the vendor and purchases, you get about 140-150% credit per item at about half the cost.

Selling Efficiency

Not all dealers pay the same for certain items. It is important to note that a lot of this is my personal experience, and prices can fluctuate as the Developers may change them for any reason. Use your own common sense and check various dealers before selling particularly lucrative items.


Sells AKs, Magazines, many different Ammo types, Grenades, and weapon modifications. I don't tend to sell to him very often, as he doesn't pay the highest for any items that I have personally seen and because you tend to buy most Ammo and mags from him it's not a particular issue to level him up with money spent.


Sells medical supplies, food and drink, and storage cases, which are items that effectively increase the size of your stash because they have more space inside than they take up. Most storage items are restricted to certain item types. Pays most for items like Keys, Statues, Rolers, Bitcoin, etc. Many of these items should be sold on the market instead of to her, but often times it's not worth the hassle.


Pays least for items, sells items for more than other Dealers. Items other players have sold will appear here. Only sell items to Fence that other dealers will not take! Basically a placeholder for an expanded Market.


Sells various weapons, mods, ammo, Euros, and containers. Pays most for items like Armor, backpacks, headgear, facemasks, flashlights, sights, etc. It is important to note, that Skier will not buy Weapons or most Mods. That means for things like flashlights, you have to take the flashlights/sights off the mount or rail in order for him to buy them, but he pays the best.


Deals entirely in Western equipment, UN armor, helmets, etc. Will buy most items, but will pay USD for them. Deals entirely in USD. One good way to get his money spent requirement is just to buy USD, which is used for a later quest from Skier, which unlocks his quest chain. He has a lot of good deals, experiment for yourself. At the moment his MP5 for 10 'bars' knives (scav knives) is an exceptionally good deal and easy to accomplish for new players.


Sells mostly completed weapons with various modifications and unique names, and mods. Sells magazines and some ammo. Offers containers as you progress. His quests are easy to complete, but often are money dumps in exchange for large sums of EXP more than anything else. Pays the most for modifications (except for sights and suppressors) and stripped guns.


Sells backpacks, armor, tactical vests, and helmets mostly. Offers aesthetic clothing. Can obtain LL2 by just purchasing from him, does not require reputation. In fact, his first quest tasks you with that very objective. As far as I can see, he does not pay the most for any items in particular. But he is a very useful merchant once you have him at level 2. He will sell Scav Backpacks, which are an extremely efficient backpack to use as it's fairly large but very cheap.
Rule of Thumb for selling items at most value
Weapons: Strip the weapon! Take apart ALL pieces of it (including gas tubes, separating flashlights from ring mounts, etc), sell what you can to Skier. For the rest, sell to Mechanic.
Keys, Food, Medical Items, Statues, Bitcoin, Rolers, etc: Therapist or the Market. For items like this, ALWAYS check the Market first! A lot of these kinds of items are in valuable trades or are required for quests; this means that other players are often willing to pay more for them, above trader prices.

Continued below in a comment, due to character limit.

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Weekly Update: $PAR events galore, Parachute Treasure Hunt Winner, Arena Match Roadmap, SelfKey on ETHoutlet... – 18 Oct - 24 Oct'19

Weekly Update: $PAR events galore, Parachute Treasure Hunt Winner, Arena Match Roadmap, SelfKey on ETHoutlet... – 18 Oct - 24 Oct'19
Hiya folks! Long time since I shared a weekly update. Let's see if I can catch up with the latest in the next few days. Wish me luck. Here’s your week at Parachute + partners (18 Oct - 24 Oct'19):

This week’s Parena saw rageagainst take home a cool 50k $PAR by beating Ryan in a quick finale battle. The ParJar Battle Royale for our newest ParJar Pilot partners was this week. A ton of fun and a lot of $PAR (and $AMGO) tipped out. The official numbers of the $AMGO airdrop is out. The event which happened few weeks back saw 27k new ParJar wallets receiving the drop. Sweet! In this week’s TTR trivias, we saw 25k $PAR given out in MrPromise’s 10 question physics quiz, folks getting bamboozled in Charlotte’s Math trivia (10Qs, 2500 $PAR each), Doc Victor’s Video Games and War quiz seeing a participation frenzy for a 25k $PAR pot for 10 questions. Plus, Benjamin hosted a 10Q, 25k $PAR pot trivia based on the 2nd edition of the Parachute Post that he wrote. Even if you didn’t win, you definitely know more about Parachute and ParJar now. Thanks Ben!
Jose is making a Parachute CS map (de_parachute). Awesome! Gamers get ready
KellyBoy won 12,500 $PAR in Jason’s first ever raffle. Another first ever this week was Jason’s #WholesomeWed initiative: participants win $PAR for writing “about what they like about where they live”. Higher tips for photos, descriptions, stories, poems. Thank you Andy, Jason, Trojak, Nico B, Jeff Crypto, Gisele, Andhrew666, Reyna, Tavo (Gustavo), Cap, Zion, Lordhades, Marcos, Evangelina, Jose, Doc Victor, Saman, Richi, Shirin, Elena, Charlotte, Borna, Gl1tch, Bose Grace, Naya, Fadlan, Hanabi, dontouchscreen, Martha, Mariuska, Maiden, Jorge, Abdul, Labyb, CF (not Crypto French :p), Rin, Annerys, Mike India, Santhi, Adrian, Alexis, Frank, Glox, Muksin, Shaq Diesel, Alanys, Daniel, Brian, Yoleidis and Alejandro for the pictures! The Parachute Treasure Hunt finally has a winner. Congratulations to Justin Tobin for winning a boatload of crypto! Also, great teamwork by Harry, Edson, Unique, Reuben, Alimam and Doc Vic for getting the 2nd position. Two-for-Tuesday is back! This time in Parachute. This week’s theme was Rap/Reggae/Reggaeton. Super fun as always, Gian!
PARachuter lunch. PAR is everywhere #PARroundings. Pic courtesy: Sebastian
aXpire announced this week that they were joining the Oracle for Startups ecosystem. This initiative helps startups grow by leveraging Oracle’s PaaS and IaaS platforms. Watch the latest weekly update from Joakim by clicking here. The weekly 20k $AXPR burn can be tracked here. The team also opened up a question form for an AMA next month. Last week, we shared that $BAT is now tradeable/spendable/sendable on 2gether. Read more about it here. The latest feature in the app allows you check price history of cryptos. Neat! Participants of the Crypto Talent competition, don’t forget to check out Salva’s video on foundations of the economy. Founding Partner Luis Estrada will be speaking on AI, Cloud and BigData at the eShow in Madrid next week. Following and chatting options are now live in the WednesdayClub dApp. Noice! The latest WandX update covers developments from the strategic front, especially how the team is navigating the challenges of cross blockchain applications and regulations vis-à-vis Dex’es. As mentioned in the previous updates, XIO will not switch to Binance Chain and will continue to remain on Ethereum. Zachary explained in detail the events that lead to the decision in this article and video. There will still be a token swap but it will be an ERC20:ERC20 token swap to filter out inactive wallets. Details on how to do the swap will be shared in future updates. The first set of XIO incubated startups are also slated to be revealed soon. If you wish to receive regular XIO mailer updates, make sure to register as a Citizen here. Uber cool gif, Jimpanze! This week’s community discussions revolved around utility vs adoption, liquidity pool on Uniswap and multi-collateral XIO.
\"First sneak peek at some conceptual UI/UX of $XIO\". Nice!
$HYDRO is now tradeable on Liquid with a $BTC and $EUR pairing. Deploying Hydrogen’s PaaS for your fintech needs could lead to massive cost savings. Read more about it here. Dedicated socials and website for the Hydro Labs were launched this week. Plus, a Turkish blog. The team travelled to Montreal for Fintech Forum Canada and to Madrid for the BBVA Open Summit. Ahead of the 2019 Fintech Awards in which Hydro is a nominee, the project was covered in an article by Benzinga. And a cool shoutout from Bank Innovation. Hydrogen is also a finalist in the Most Innovative Banking Technology Provider category of the Banking Technology Awards 2019. Woohoo! Hydro's webinar on financial wellness happened this week. The Hydro 2FA solution is now integrated in the Barginex trading platform. A sweet bugfix bounty of $10k HYDRO got scooped up within a day of announcement. Click here to catch up on the latest ongoings on the dev front at Silent Notary. Tech nerds, have a read of Sentivate founder Thomas Marchi’s thoughts on QUIC, HTTP, UDSP and have a go at his riddle while you’re around. OST’s Pepo app launched on Product Hunt and app stores this week. As influencers continue to join the platform, this week we got a chance to see Meltem Demirors, NiMA Asghari and Dennison Bertram in action on Pepo. The latest upgrade features browsable hashtags. OST Founder Jason Goldberg’s fireside chat with CryptoOracle co-founder Lou Kerner is scheduled for next week. OST-backed Pepo and Hornet are now live on State of the DApps. Ahead of the San Francisco Blockchain Week, which the team will be attending, a new bounty was released for attendees. Tons of $OST up for grabs! There’s also a cool bounty for 1k $OST for promoting your blockchain article.
With Halloween right around the corner, Hydro office decorations are on point
Click here to watch the Mycro design & development team work on the app’s processes. SelfKey’s $KEY token was listed on ETHoutlet this week. The listing will provide $KEY with an $HKD fiat on-ramp. Additionally, ETHoutlet also joined SelfKey’s Marketplace. ETHoutlet operates a Dealer Exchange (i.e. traders trade with the platform directly instead of P2P) and has a physical store where people can trade OTC by visiting the location. Want to identify an exit scam before it happens? SelfKey crew’s got your back. Check out their article to learn how. Constellation joined the Board of Advisors at the Portland State University this week as part of an accredited Business Blockchain Certificate program which is also the world’s first such university accredited program. Congratulations! BAGS token group had their 6th Bazaar Upcycle event this week. Plus, a ton of $BAGS were given away for trivia and stickers contest. The Arena Match Fall 2019 Roadmap was published. Some of the updates that will go live are – CS:GO ranked matchmaking, replacement of credits with straight cash in/out (with an optional AMGO toggle), enhanced Perks, new UI, on-demand servers etc. Lots in store! Big up to Pynk for winning the Wolves Summit Pitch Competition. Click here and here for pics from the event. Last week we talked about Pynk's feature in BlockMAG published by the Malta Blockchain Summit. Here's the full scoop. Plus, a cool shoutout from Founder Institute. P.S. Pynk is an FI alumnus.
Arena Match new dashboard prototype mockup
Birdchain announced a copywrite contest this week. Cryptowriters assemble! The team also shared its marketing roadmap. Switch partner McAfeeDex now has 10 portals live with more in line for release. The next updates will contain multi chain support + Onion portal. It is also the 37th most popular ETH-based dApp on DappRadar. Plus, a chance to win 1k $ESH. More media coverage of the McAfeeDex from Bitcoin.com, CoinTelegraph, Blockonomi, The Daily Chain podcast and BLOCKTV this week. Plus, the first decentralised IEO was launched on the Dex. If you missed Fantom’s AMA with CryptoDiffer this week, here’s the transcript to get upto speed. The latest research paper from Fantom's partners at Yonsei University talks about The Economics of Smart Contracts. Have a read when you get a moment. Uptrennd will be introducing a more robust verification system for withdrawals to ensure that the platform stays fair and keeps bad actors away. In addition to the Malta Blockchain Summit, Jeff will also be travelling to CMC’s The Capital and BlockShow this month. In case you get to meet him at these events, chances are you could win some $1UP in the process. Woot! Click here to check out the entries to the video intro contest started last week. Uptrennd now has a Subreddit as well. Starting this week, the crew will be publishing regular TA reports based on community votes. 1UP was voted for the first report. Blockport’s $BPT/$ETH trading pair was discontinued from KuCoin this week as requested by the project. The $BTC pairing will continue to operate on the exchanges. Click here to catch up on the latest district weekly from District0x.

And that’s a wrap for this week in Parachuteverse. See you again soon. Cheerio!
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Weekly Update: First ParJar Pilot Class, Constellation partners with Chainlink, $BAT on 2gether, Pynk on BlockMAG... – 11 Oct - 17 Oct'19

Weekly Update: First ParJar Pilot Class, Constellation partners with Chainlink, $BAT on 2gether, Pynk on BlockMAG... – 11 Oct - 17 Oct'19
Hi everyone! Here’s your week at Parachute + partners (11 Oct - 17 Oct'19):

The first ParJar Pilot Class is officially off to a roaring start with 5 amazing projects and their communities. Here’s to a great future. This was the perfect occasion to announce a ParJar Battle Royale for our ParJar Pilot partners. Blood will be spilled next week. Pow! ParJar now has almost 20k active users. It works in 400+ communities and has seen 400k+ transactions. Say what! Par4Par lottery entered stage 5 this week. The stakes are even higher. 250k $PAR in prizes. Dang! Reflecting on Vitalik Buterin’s observation, Cap says: “...we’ve done things in reverse here at Parachute - we grew an amazing community around exploring ideas and built our tech to meet what they needed”. What are your thoughts on buying houses for USD 1 each in an Italian town for building the Parachute village? Cap’s recommendation. Haha.
Andy’s Advent calendar. Each window is a 16.9 oz can of beer. Sweet!
We saw Tiproom become the 17th most active group on Telegram a few weeks back. Well, hold on to your pants because it is now the 12th most active group. Whoa! A big reason for the group’s constant buzz are the amazing trivias hosted by the TTR crew. This week was no different. Doc Victor’s Sunday medical trivia had 8 Qs, 3k $PAR each. This was a quiz with a twist. In Doc’s words: "..beware, in each question they will have to diagnose a case based on symptoms and signs that I will give them". Noice! Charlotte’s Tuesday Trivia had 10 questions with a 25k $PAR prize pool. Another trivia by Victor (not the Doc) had another 10 Q’s, 2500 $PAR each. Listened to the TTR theme yet? DJ Jose in da house with a rocking theme. Wicked! Congratulations to Mario for winning the pet contest in TTR. Sebastian made a compilation video of all the entries. Awww!
Let’s see if Cap’s guerrilla marketing at Burger Joint in NYC gets us a new Parachuter
Victor’s Friday trivia at aXpire was the usual 10 Q, 100 $AXPR per Q affair. And like always, super duper fun! If you missed news from Week 41 at aXpireverse, Joakim’s got your back. Check out his video to catch up. CEO Gary Markham travelled to India this week to prepare for the Bilr release. Click here to track the latest 20k $AXPR burn. Plus, a featured article by Hosting Advice was pretty cool. 2gether added Basic Attention Token ($BAT) support to the app this week. Let the $BAT spending begin! Use the invite code: paywithbat to get 100 $2GT free when you sign up for the app. Know of a startup that’s going to Malta Blockchain Summit? Let the XIO crew know since the team will be attending along with Uptrennd. Benjamin’s tutorial video on market cycles with the BOMB token as case study was riveting and full of useful info. This week’s Dash-walk-the-talk discussion revolved around getting unstuck as an entrepreneur. After taking inputs from the community 2 weeks back, the BOMB Board finalised on the team and way forward to manage the BOMB Instagram. For the latest update on the Birdchain app, click here. Congratulations to Bounty0x for crossing 2.5x of its funding goal on Republic with more than 2 months to go. Voyager is offering a 5% annual interest on ETHOS tokens held on their platform. Read more about it here. The news was also covered by SludgeFeed. Wendy O shared her usability experience of Voyager as well.
Bitcoin ATM in Alexis’ neighbourhood. Cool!
The McAfeeDex launched last week is off to a tremendous start. Bitcoin Cash’s Roger Ver spoke briefly on it in a news roundup video. 6 portals are live already. If you’re still wondering how to list your token on the Dex, here’s a simple guide from the man himself. Binance Chain support coming soon! SwitchDex is now trackable on DappRadar and State of the DApps. The team has set up a dedicated TG group for folks wanting to BUIDL on SwitchDex. Also, Callisto Network is slated to do a security audit of the McAfeeDex contracts. Great stuff! Peeps who missed the Fantom AMA with G.Crypto from 2 weeks back, can catch up from the transcript released this week. The latest technical update is detailed and covers all major changes in code. Uptrennd started a new video intro contest for a 2500 $1UP prize pool. Woot! Full transcript of Jeff’s interview with OmiseGo CTO Kasima from few weeks back was released this week. $1UP can now be spent in tons of retail chains thanks to a newly forged partnership with MobiePay. Last week we saw Jarau buy a laptop with his Uptrennd earnings. This week we learnt about Zubair buying a mobile phone with his $1UP earnings. Neat! The latest biweekly Dev update and weekly District update from Ditrict0x covers news such as Ethlance redesign, Meme factory NSFW filter etc.
Uptrennd continues to breach new heights on Alexa rankings every week

OST has set up a community slack to coordinate all Pepo related feedback received for the Pepo app. So join in if you want to help out! Did you know that Pepo is home to some of the most influential people in crypto? This week, we heard from Ethereum and Coinbase investor Bobby Goodlatte. The app crossed 20k P2P transactions and is now live in both app stores. The first such with micro-transactions, in-app purchases and cash-out options for crypto. Few weeks back, the Sentivate community chose to burn tokens (vs a raffle). This week, they voted on how many to burn. The $SNTVT crew sat down for a live Q&A with Bit Shaman this week. The team also wrote about possible future use-cases of the Universal Web with short story threads. Cryptoreview.xyz’s review of the project also came out this week. Constellation announced that it is joining Chainlink as a new node operator in order to stream enterprise data to Chainlink’s smart contracts. Click here for the PR release. The technical overview paper gets into details of what the partnership means for both companies. Bags Token hosted an AMA this week in their Telegram group. Hope you had an opportunity to get your doubts cleared. Community member Con built a $BAGS-centric image/gif board called bagsbook. Check it out! In a bit of a sobering news, Scroll (XD Token) ceased business operations this week.
Constellation will act as an oracle for Chainlink by streaming verified data to the network
Pynk was featured in the latest edition of the BlockMAG published by the Malta Blockchain Summit. COO Rupert Barksfield was invited by NatWest to speak on how to get traction for tech projects. Rupert’s interview by Ayo News where he explains how AI and crowd wisdom works in tandem at Pynk came out as well. Pynk Tank is Pynk's very own think tank intiative which hosts meet ups, panel discussions, podcasts with entrepreneurs, thought leaders etc. Their latest event was this week. Folks who are yet to figure out what Pynk does can read co-founder Zack Yurtsever’s article that explains it all. Following up on the Hydro Vault sneak peek from last week, check out its detailed update on the dev front. How can the Hydro platform be used to get acceleration for your fintech product? Click here to read how. Co-Founder Mike Kane travelled to the AWS Loft in NYC for the Shearman & Sterling Empire Startups Demo Day event to showcase Hydro’s fintech solutions. $HYDRO got listed on the Coinone exchange. This will be $HYDRO's first IDR fiat on-ramp. With bZx joining the Hydro dApp store this week, it now has an impressive line up of partners. Thanks to the massive community push, $HYDRO will be listed on Atomic Wallet in its next release. For a quick summary of the latest news from Hydroverse, click here. Most of these have already been covered in our updates. Silent Notary conducted the first ever speedtest of its IDL network. The team published the results and steps to optimise the code. In its current state, the network is able to execute 5-12 transactions per second. The first version of the SelfKey Corporate Wallet was launched this week. The corporate wallet will allow you to purchase digital services for your business in the future. Plus, a partnership with ChangeNOW allows easy crypto swapping from the marketplace.

And with that, we close for another week in the Parachuteverse. See you soon with another update. Cheers!
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Patch has been Released!

The update has added the new Interchange map and new game mechanics to Escape from Tarkov
We are happy to announce the release of a major update,, for the closed beta version of multiplayer online FPS Escape from Tarkov. This game update introduces the new Interchange map, modern and somewhat atypical compared to the rest of Tarkov locations so far. The Interchange, besides obvious highways, features a huge shopping mall with shops and restaurants. The new location provides conditions for honing new confined space combat tactics. It should be noted that for some time after the update there will not be any AI adversaries on the location, they will be added in the following patches. Also, traditionally, along with a new location, we have introduced a new trader - Ragman, who sells everything related to garments and equipment.
We also would like to announce that the current update applied new, experimental methods for optimizing the handling of game physics on client and server, as well as new means to reduce network latency. In addition, specifically for the new Interchange map, new object rendering optimization technology was applied. Over the course of the upcoming testing, these methods will be applied to other locations as well, resulting in an additional performance gain. We admit that in the process of testing the new game update, you may experience various problems associated with new methods of optimization and new game features. All the emerging problems will be processed through the system of bug reports and promptly fixed. Moreover, the launcher was updated as well, along with numerous other fixes and changes. The new EFT update has also introduced a basic training that is going to help new players to understand and master the basic mechanics of the game faster and better.
"As promised, we are gradually and continuously introducing new features and realistic mechanics," said Nikita Buyanov, the head of Battlestate Games. "So, after this update, players will have to spend more time on loading and unloading of the magazines, check the number of cartridges in the magazine and chamber. Note that different magazines affect the loading/unloading rate differently, and there is now a new specialized character skill - Mag Drills."
Other additions to the game content include new weapons, among them, the Springfield Armory M1A, Remington 870, AAR, APB and new models of AK including 100-series as well as numerous items for weapon modification. Overall, more than 60 new gear and equipment items were added to the game, including bags and vests, body armors and helmets, weapon modifications, ammunition and medicine cases, hats, glasses, and balaclavas. A detailed list of the new equipment was previously posted on our official website of the game and in the social network communities. You can find the patch notes below!
Finally, the update has been combined with the long-anticipated profile reset (wipe).
The following updates, among other improvements and changes, are going to further improve the project performance, network quality, bug fixes, and add new game combat mechanics. Soon, Escape from Tarkov is scheduled to feature the advanced armor system, flea market, Hideout and other features that were mentioned in the plans for 2018. Development and testing of the future innovations are already underway. Also, the test results of this update will have a crucial influence on deciding the Open Beta launch date. We are sure you are excited for all this as much as we are.

Patch Notes

Please take note that first hours after the update servers may experience heavy load leading to increased matching time possible network delays.
Please, take into consideration that this update is a part of the Closed Beta testing. Some of the introduced innovations can potentially lead to previously unknown issues or bugs. Please be sure to report all discovered issues through the launcher built-in bug report system. This will help fix them promptly.
This update comes with a profile reset/wipe. All bonus gears can be obtained again from your profile.
Time-consuming loading/unloading of ammo
  • Loading/unloading of ammo into the magazine does not happen instantly. The time required to load/unload one cartridge may vary depending on the magazine and the level of the new skill, Mag drills.
  • Time is spent on loading and unloading ammo in the raid only, in the menu the procedures stay the same as before.
  • Loading and unloading can only be done with inventory open. If you close it or switch tabs, loading or unloading is interrupted. The cartridges that were already loaded into the mag, stay in it (and vice versa in case of unloading).
  • Only one magazine can be loaded or unloaded simultaneously.
  • The Info window displays the loading/unloading and mag check speed bonus if it is not 0.
  • If you’ve started loading an empty mag, or unloading a full one, the precise number of rounds is displayed.
Checking mags, hidden precise number of cartridges in the magazine
  • By default, it is unknown how many cartridges are in the mag, if it is not examined (hereinafter referred to as "Unknown/Checked"). Mag counter displays an unknown number of cartridges. For example: (?/30)
  • Check accuracy is determined by new "Mag Drills" skill.
  • The magazine can be checked either by animation - Alt+T or through the interface by Right-clicking and selecting Check magazine.
  • If you checked the number on the 0 skill level, then it returns "~empty" - "<1/2" - "~1/2" - ">1/2" - "~full". As skill level 1 an approximate number will be shown. On level 2 - the precise amount of ammo will be provided.
  • Full and empty mags are considered to be checked.
  • All the magazines you take into the raid are checked automatically.
  • Loading/unloading a checked mag doesn’t change the state, it remains checked.
  • After firing, the number of cartridges in the magazine become unknown.
  • Ammo check precision now depends on the Mag Drills skill, not on Weapon Mastering.
  • Outside of the raid, the number of cartridges is always displayed precisely.
  • If you have dropped a checked mag and picked it back up, it remains checked. If someone picked it up and dropped it again, it becomes unknown to you.
Checking the chamber
  • The chamber also requires checking. Bnly by animation using the key binding Shift + T.
  • If you load the cartridge into an unknown chamber, it automatically becomes checked.
  • If the shot was fired from a checked mag (first shot), the chamber remains checked. Otherwise, it becomes unknown as well.
New location:
Tactical Vests:
Body armor:
Weapon modifications:
AI Improvements:
Known issues:
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A Spy in the House of Byrne—The Ledger

_(This week’s Ledger newsletter is by David Z. Morris)_The crypto industry can be roughly divided into two groups. On the one hand, there are “crypto native” companies creating new things from scratch (think Binance or Brave). On the other hand are existing operations trying to use blockchain tech to get a further edge (think ICE’s Bakkt or Facebook’s Libra).
And then there was Patrick Byrne, who had a foot in both worlds—sometimes uncomfortably.
The CEO for two decades of e-commerce pioneer Overstock.com, Byrne became a vocal crypto proponent around five years ago, and has worked since then to position the company as a blockchain leader. Overstock was the first major online retailer to take payments in Bitcoin, starting in early 2014. The same year, Byrne began work on “tzero,” a blockchain-based alternative to traditional securities exchanges. Then he founded Medici Ventures, a venture fund and incubator that houses 18 blockchain startups within Overstock.
And now, it appears, he’s gone. Byrne resigned suddenly as CEO of Overstock last Thursday, after mounting controversy surrounding his past romantic relationship with alleged Russian agent Maria Butina. Butina is now serving an 18 month prison sentence for conspiring to promote Russian interests through conservative U.S. political groups.
Byrne’s statements on the matter have been vague and conspiratorial, including references to the “Deep State” and “Men in Black” who Byrne says drew him into “certain government matters.” He subsequently made detailed claims that the FBI directly encouraged his relationship with Butina circa 2016 as part of an investigation into Russian activities (claims dismissed by then-FBI director James Comey). Byrne says he’s resigning because these entanglements “may affect and complicate all manner of business relationships,” and that he’ll be “disappearing for some time.”
This is the sort of weirdness you’d expect from the wild-west world of crypto-natives, not a public company valued at more than $1 billion as recently as a year ago. But Byrne was known as a bit of a loose cannon well before Bitcoin was invented, most notably for his aggressive (and also frequently conspiratorial) campaign against naked short sellers. (You can read _Fortune’s_coverage of those battles here.)
This very enjoyable profile from Forbes dives into Byrne’s privileged and unconventional background—he has a PhD in philosophy from Stanford, and is apparently close friends with Warren Buffet through Byrne’s father. It also paints Byrne as easily distractable, and Overstock’s blockchain ventures as a boondoggle that’s destroying a once-profitable company.
The boondoggle part might wind up coming true, but if Overstock’s blockchain efforts are a risky bet, they’re anything but a lark. I spent some time at the company’s headquarters in Salt Lake City this past spring, and with Medici, Byrne has built a team that’s both technically savvy and fairly unified in its deeply-held crypto-native worldview. Most notably, Medici is a hotbed of thoughtful skepticism towards government, with managers and coders ranging from left-wing anarchists to free-market libertarians. There are even signs that Overstock’s presence is helping turn Salt Lake City into a blockchain hub with its own unique feel—for instance, the Off Chain conference there caters to the overlap between crypto, firearms, and “prepping.”
Byrne himself often described his worldview in libertarian terms, and he’ll be succeeded by Jonathan Johnson, who shares much of Byrne’s outlook on both politics and blockchain. Johnson is currently head of the Medici unit, and he’ll shoulder Byrne’s CEO duties on an interim basis. He’s a steady, composed counterpoint to Byrne’s swashbuckling verve, as well as a thoughtful strategist. Most significantly, his rise to the head job, even if temporary, signals that Overstock intends to stick with its blockchain bets.
The question now is whether some of those bets hit before Overstock’s retail revenues fade.
One final note: We’re running lean here at The Ledger this month, in part because Jeff Roberts is on book leave (look for his cryptocurrency magnum opus from Audible soon). That’s why they handed the reins over to me, the new guy. I recently joined the Fortune team from BreakerMag, a now defunct but much-loved blockchain-focused publication. In addition to reporting on the world of digital assets and decentralized technologies, I’ll be writing about A.I., Tesla, and other techie matters. I’ll also be authoring this newsletter every once in a while—hopefully, from here on out, with a header that actually has my name on it. Glad to know you.
David Z. Morris |@davidzmorris| [email protected]
* More Details Here
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BetTronLive Bounty 1,000,000 RAKE TOKENS (10M TRX) TO GRAB

BetTronLive Bounty 1,000,000 RAKE TOKENS (10M TRX) TO GRAB
BetTronLive Bounty 1,000,000 RAKE TOKENS (10M TRX) TO GRAB
Today we announced BetTronLive’s “1,000,000 #RAKE #TOKENS TO #GRAB” [10M TRX] #BOUNTY #PROGRAM.
If you follow this link, you will find all the rules and guidelines:

We have allocated 1,000,000 RAKE tokens for any bounty hunters to grab. You can join the social media campaigns or whatever suits your qualification. Campaigns are as follows:
➢ Facebook: 10% ➢ Twitter: 10% ➢ Instagram: 5% ➢ Signature: 15% ➢ YouTube: 10% ➢ Reddit: 5% ➢ Steemit: 15% ➢ Live video promotion: 10% ➢ Medium: 5% ➢ Special Bounty Fund: 15%

All the details are explained in the Bitcointalk thread that was linked earlier. There is even a special fund for individuals who actively promote and support BetTronLive’s project in a way that is not included in the list above.
Head on to the BTT Bounty Thread and see what is in store for you!
Start RAKE-ing in the tokens. Follow the link above to find out how to earn #RAKE tokens.
Join our community: https://t.me/BetTronLive
Stay updated on announcements: https://t.me/BetTronLiveANN
Visit our website: https://bettronlive.io/
Whitepapers & Summaries (Multilingual): https://bettronlive.io/documents.php
Follow us on social media: Twitter: https://twitter.com/bettronlive Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/BetTronLive Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bettronlive/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bettronlive/ Medium: https://medium.com/@bettronlive Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxNpc_WniZ7iFYSTW1ppJ7g Watch our video: https://youtu.be/9Za9n81h8C8 BTT Ann: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5155822 BTT Bounty: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php…
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Antwoord op vragen van de leden Van Wijngaarden, Van der Linde en Aartsen over het bericht ‘Veel schade door ‘bitcoin-advertenties’ met nepuitspraken BN’ers’

Vragen van de leden Van Wijngaarden, Van der Linde en Van Aartsen (allen VVD) aan de ministers van Justitie en Veiligheid, van Financiën en van Onderwijs, Cultuur en Wetenschap en de staatssecretaris van Economische Zaken en Klimaat over het bericht ‘Veel schade door ‘bitcoin-advertenties’ met nepuitspraken BN’ers’. (ingezonden 24 april 2019, nr. 2019Z08462)   Vraag 1   Kent u het bericht ‘Veel schade door “bitcoin-advertenties” met nepuitspraken BN’ers’? 1)   Antwoord op vraag 1   Ja, dat bericht ken ik.   Vraag 2   Is bekend wie of welke organisatie(s) opdrachtgever zijn van plaatsing van deze misleidende advertenties?   Antwoord op vraag 2   De Fraudehelpdesk heeft in 2018 en 2019 meldingen ontvangen over zeven verschillende websites die betrokken zijn bij dit soort misleidende advertenties voor bitcoins. In zeker vier gevallen werd gebruik gemaakt van nepuitspraken van bekende Nederlanders. Deze vier websites zijn bekend bij de Fraudehelpdesk. Het is niet bekend wie of welke organisaties opdrachtgever zijn van plaatsing van deze misleidende advertenties.   Vraag 3   Is bekend hoe groot de schade is die deze misleidende advertenties veroorzaken?   Antwoord op vraag 3   Bij de Fraudehelpdesk zijn in 2018 en in 2019 respectievelijk 45 en 77 meldingen binnengekomen over dergelijke sites met zogenaamde uitingen van bekende Nederlanders. Het totale schadebedrag in 2018 en 2019 was circa 1,7 miljoen euro. Daarbij moet worden opgemerkt dat deze cijfers van de Fraudehelpdesk zijn gebaseerd op meldingen van slachtoffers zelf. Politie en Openbaar Ministerie hebben over deze vorm van fraude geen cijfers beschikbaar, omdat dit niet apart wordt geregistreerd. Ook bij de Autoriteit Consument en Markt (hierna: ACM) is geen informatie bekend over de omvang van de schade van dit soort misleiding.   Vraag 4   Is het mogelijk dat politie en openbaar ministerie optreden tegen deze misleidende advertenties?   Antwoord op vraag 4   Als er als gevolg van de advertentie sprake is van het vermoeden van een strafbaar feit kan daarvan aangifte worden gedaan. Mogelijk is sprake van overtreding van artikel 231b van het Wetboek van Strafrecht (hierna: Sr) (identiteitsdiefstal) of artikel 326 Sr (oplichting). Als het gaat om internetoplichting focust de politie op die gevallen waarbij een slachtoffer door misleiding bewogen is tot het afgeven van geld.   Vraag 5   Kunnen sociale media als Facebook, Google en YouTube ertoe worden aangezet advertenties te weren van een site vanwege de strafrechtelijke gedragingen en de criminele intenties van de adverteerders?   Antwoord op vraag 5   Vanuit media bezien kan er in zijn algemeenheid geen informatie vooraf geblokkeerd worden vanwege de vrijheid van meningsuiting en het verbod van censuur. Dat kan alleen een rechter achteraf op grond van zwaarwegende belangen zoals nationale veiligheid, voorkomen van wanordelijkheden en strafbare feiten, bescherming van de gezondheid of de goede zeden of voor bescherming van de rechten en vrijheden van anderen (artikel 10 EVRM). Dat geldt ook voor commerciële uitingen.   In de Nederlandse Reclame Code zijn wel regels vastgesteld waaraan reclame zou moeten voldoen. Hierin wordt onder meer bepaald dat reclame niet misleidend en niet in strijd met de waarheid mag zijn. Iedereen kan een klacht indienen bij de Stichting Reclame Code, waar de onafhankelijke Reclame Code Commissie dan een uitspraak over zal doen. Als de reclame wordt beoordeeld als misleidend of in strijd met de waarheid zal de Reclame Code Commissie een aanbeveling doen geen reclame te maken op deze manier. Mocht de dienst die de reclame aanbiedt - zoals bijvoorbeeld Facebook, Google of YouTube - hier niet naar handelen, dan wordt de dienst op de website van de Stichting Reclame Code gepubliceerd op de niet-compliant lijst bij wijze van naming and shaming.   Op basis van de herziene Europese Richtlijn audiovisuele mediadiensten van 14 november 2018 dienen videoplatformdiensten, zoals YouTube, passende maatregelen te nemen om te voldoen aan een aantal voorschriften met betrekking tot reclame. Het land waar de dienst gevestigd is, is verantwoordelijk voor het toezicht op de naleving van deze regels. Facebook, Google en YouTube zijn allen gevestigd in Ierland.   Vraag 6   Is het mogelijk dat de Autoriteit Financiële Markten (AFM) hiertegen optreedt, aangezien sprake is van valse beleggingsproducten? Zo nee, bent u bereid de bevoegdheden van de AFM uit te breiden, zodat dit alsnog mogelijk wordt?   Antwoord op vraag 6   De minister van Financiën en de financiële toezichthouders (de Autoriteit Financiële Markten (AFM) en De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB)) hebben meermaals gewaarschuwd voor de hoge risico’s die consumenten lopen bij het kopen van crypto’s, waaronder het risico op fraude en misleiding. Crypto’s, zoals bitcoin, worden in de regel niet aangemerkt als financiële producten of diensten, en vallen daarom buiten de reikwijdte van de Wet op het financieel toezicht (Wft) en het toezicht van de AFM. In dat geval heeft de AFM geen formele handhavingsbevoegdheden of middelen om de identiteit van de adverteerders te achterhalen. Dat neemt niet weg dat de AFM sociale media wijst op dit soort misleidende advertenties, indien deze onder haar aandacht komen. De AFM houdt wel toezicht op crypto’s (of ‘tokens’) die bijvoorbeeld kwalificeren als een effect en kan dan formeel optreden. Dit is niet het geval bij bitcoin.   In januari 2019 heeft de minister van Financiën een brief over de regulering van crypto’s naar uw Kamer gestuurd. Deze brief is opgesteld naar aanleiding van het gezamenlijke advies van de AFM en DNB over een regelgevend kader voor crypto’s. De AFM en DNB concluderen in dit advies dat er inderdaad risico’s bestaan voor consumenten. Hierbij geven ze evenwel aan dat de impact van de risico’s op Nederlandse consumenten momenteel minder groot lijkt dan begin 2018, als gevolg van de afgenomen interesse in crypto’s en omdat consumenten zich steeds meer bewust lijken te zijn van de grootste risico’s.   De AFM en DNB adviseren om op dit moment geen nationale regelgeving in te voeren ten aanzien van consumentenbescherming, omdat dit geen significante bijdrage levert aan het verminderen van de risico’s voor consumenten in Nederland. Zodoende zullen de kosten van toezicht naar verwachting niet opwegen tegen de baten. Zij komen tot deze conclusie mede gelet op het digitale en grensoverschrijdende karakter van crypto’s, het relatief kleine aantal Nederlandse cryptodienstverleners en het ontbreken van een internationaal afgestemd kader ten aanzien van consumentenbescherming. De AFM en DNB geven aan dat het effectiever is om de cryptomarkten te blijven monitoren, bij te blijven dragen aan een juiste risicoperceptie bij consumenten en actief mee te werken aan internationale initiatieven om de risico’s van crypto’s aan te pakken.   Vraag 7   Welke middelen staan u ter beschikking om de identiteit van de adverteerders te kunnen achterhalen alsmede het land van herkomst?   Antwoord op vraag 7   Bij het doen van aangifte wordt om zoveel mogelijk informatie gevraagd van de partij waartegen aangifte wordt gedaan. Te denken valt aan een e-mailadres, transactiebedrag, bankgegevens, mogelijke telefoongegevens en de manier van betaling. Deze informatie kan een aanknopingspunt vormen voor onderzoek. Een voorbeeld van een opsporingsbevoegdheid die tegen oplichting of identiteitsdiefstal kan worden ingezet is het vorderen van gegevens bij bijvoorbeeld sociale mediaplatformen en banken om de identiteit van de dader te achterhalen (zie de artikelen 126na, 126nc, 126nd, 126ne, 126nf, 126ng en 126n van het Wetboek van Strafvordering).   Vraag 8   Welke middelen staan u ter beschikking wat betreft de bescherming van de consument en de personen van wie naam en beeltenis worden misbruikt?   Antwoord op vraag 8   De consument kan zich in het geval van misleiding beroepen op de regels voor oneerlijke handelspraktijken. Deze regels verbieden bedrijven om gebruik te maken van agressieve of misleidende verkooppraktijken, waardoor de gemiddelde consument een besluit over een overeenkomst neemt of kan nemen, dat hij anders niet had genomen. Bestuursrechtelijk toezicht op deze regels valt wanneer er sprake is van een consumentenkoop onder toezicht van de ACM en in geval van crypto’s die aangemerkt worden als financieel product onder het toezicht van de AFM (zie antwoord bij vraag 6). Wanneer een overeenkomst onder invloed van een oneerlijke handelspraktijk tot stand is gekomen, kan de consument deze vernietigen door een brief aan de ondernemer te sturen. Een voorbeeldbrief is te vinden op de website van Consuwijzer.   Daarnaast kan een consument melding doen bij de Fraudehelpdesk en – in geval van een strafbaar feit - aangifte doen bij de politie.   Personen van wie de naam en/of beeltenis worden misbruikt, zoals beschreven in het bericht van de NOS over nepadvertenties voor bitcoins die zogenaamd werden aangeprezen door bekende Nederlanders, kunnen hierover klagen bij de desbetreffende social mediaplatforms en hen verzoeken om hun naam en/of beeltenis te verwijderen. Indien een social mediaplatform niet aan dit verzoek tot verwijdering van naam en/of beeltenis wil voldoen, kunnen deze personen hun geschil met de social mediaplatforms voorleggen aan de civiele rechter.   Verder verwijs ik naar mijn beantwoording op vraag 11.   Vraag 9   In hoeverre en op welke wijze kunnen sociale mediaplatformen consumenten waarschuwen voor dit soort praktijken? Bent u bereid met een aanpak te komen zodat sociale mediaplatformen frauduleuze activiteiten monitoren en gebruikers van sociale media in bescherming nemen?   Antwoord op vraag 9   Het voorkomen van criminele activiteiten op social mediaplatforms is primair een taak van de social mediaplatforms zelf, maar kan gebeuren in samenspraak met het ministerie van Justitie en Veiligheid. De minister van Justitie en Veiligheid spreekt regelmatig met social media platforms over de preventie en aanpak van criminaliteit. Voor de integriteit van social mediaplatforms is het in hun belang deze vrij te houden van criminele activiteiten. Vanuit de overheid zijn er brede publiekcampagnes voorzien die de maatschappij meer bewust moeten maken van de dreigingen online. Tegelijkertijd worden mensen meer weerbaar gemaakt door handvatten aan te geven om, bijvoorbeeld oplichting, te voorkomen. Dergelijke campagnes worden in goede samenwerking met het bedrijfsleven vormgegeven. De huidige campagne ziet op het tegengaan van phishing en deze is gestart eind mei.   Vraag 10   Vindt reeds overleg plaats in EU-verband over deze vorm van consumentenmisleiding en misbruik van namen en beeltenissen van bekende artiesten? Zo nee, bent u bereid afspraken te maken met EU-collega’s om dit soort fraude aan te pakken?   Antwoord op vraag 10   In het Europees verband van toezichthouders op consumentenbeschermingsregels, het Consumer Protection Cooperation netwerk (CPC), heeft geen overleg plaatsgevonden over deze vorm van consumentenmisleiding. Ook in Europees politieel en justitieel verband heeft, voor zover bekend, geen overleg plaatsgevonden over het misbruik van namen en beeltenissen van bekende artiesten. Niettemin ben ik van mening dat de bestaande Europese overlegstructuren binnen de strafrechtketen en op het gebied van consumentenbescherming voldoende mogelijkheden bieden voor de handhavende autoriteiten om gezamenlijk op te trekken.   Vraag 11   Herkent u het beeld dat pogingen van met name Humberto Tan en John de Mol om de bedenkers van nepadvertenties te achterhalen en voor de rechter te slepen zijn gestrand? Is het mogelijk bekende Nederlanders rechtszekerheid of rechtsbescherming te bieden om tegen deze platformeigenaren op te kunnen treden?   Antwoord op vraag 11   Ik heb geen bemoeienis met individuele zaken. In algemene zin geldt dat personen die menen dat hun naam of beeltenis onrechtmatig is gebruikt, dit kunnen voorleggen aan de civiele rechter. Dit geldt ook voor bekende Nederlanders, die via de civiele rechter een procedure kunnen aanspannen waarbij ze de eis kunnen formuleren dat social mediaplatforms onrechtmatig gebruikte namen of beeltenissen van hun platform verwijderen.   1) NOS, 12 april 2019, https://nos.nl/l/2280062.   VERTROUWELIJK  
  Datum: 9 juli 2019   Nr: 2019D30392   Indiener: F.B.J. Grapperhaus, minister van Justitie en Veiligheid   Bron:    tweedekamer.nl
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My Personal Reviews of IPTV services I've tried

Hi everyone. Figured i'd add my own honest review of services I've tried so as to help those that might be looking for an iptv provider to use. I cut the cable completely since Aug of 2015. I'll list the services I've used in order of date used and subscription length. Hopefully i'll keep updating this list as I go.
I own an Element Ti4 android box and a HTPC windows 10 PC both running the latest version of kodi with an 8MB connection.

Predominantly my focus was on USA English channels, Sports (NBA, NFL, MMA & Boxing), Kids cartoons and News.

1. NFPS (1 year subscription. Bought 2 subs, One for the kids) = This was my first foray into the paid subscriptions. I was using their free service for serveral months and decided to subscribe when they went paid. They have an extensive channel lineup with all the major NFL, NBA, Tennis, Boxing and MMA channels that I required. None of them are HD. 480p at best. Setup is horrible and not for novices. Whenever they make a change to their servers, you get NO COMMUNICATION from them whatsoever. You have to be trolling the iptv forums to find out what to do to fix the service. HOWEVER, if you make it through all that, it is pretty stable. For $100/yr, it's constantly been my to go service when I want something stable. I must admit though, during major PPV events, its unwatchable, too much buffering. Otherwise, it works. Has the best EPG I've seen thus far as it integrates with PVR stalker addon in Kodi nicely and all your major epg addons like IVUE, ONTAPP etc. For the US crowd, it actually has the US version of CNN, Disney jr, Nick etc. Unlike the other services I've tried that have the british versions. There is no record capability. No TV catchup service. Can only use on one device at a time. Hence why I bought 2 subs.

  1. Ruya Mbox (trial sub, One month sub) - Great customer service. This reseller responds and communicates via his facebook. Setup was a breeze, you pay via paypal and within 24hrs, I had a username, pwd and setup instructions for Kodi to install the addon. All you do is input your user and pwd and you are good to go. No messing around with donation #s, device ID etc like you do with stalker NFPS. It just works out the box. PROS: Quality is HD. Crystal clear. Works perfect. No buffering even during PPV events. Coming from NFPS, it looked amazing. His addon also integrates easier with some of the EPG providers out there like ONTAPP, IVUE. Even if it doesn't, you just need to tweak a few files in the kodi folder to get it to work. However its not a full integration, you don't see all the RUYA channels listed in the epg.
CONS: Most expensive iptv service out there I believe. I think I paid $25 for a month. About $170-$200 for a year sub. Still cheaper than cable. It does NOT integrate with PVR stalker and hence there is no EPG. For me, that remains a big let down. The interface leaves much to be desired. I like to channel surf based on whats currently showing at the moment. I don't have a channel in mind, I look through the listings and decide. But with this, you pretty much need to know what you want to watch, then scroll through the different channel groups to find your channel. Another issue I noticed was that it would sometimes just kick you out of the feed after a short while sometimes less than 30 mins. Sometimes less than 5 mins. I hate that because sometimes I need to work and I want to keep my kids busy with Disney jr and I hate having them interrupt me ever so often because it froze or kicked them out. You will get that with Ruya. The content is also geared towards the UK market hence few US channels. Hence check their channel listing first before you buy. The UI leaves much to be desired. Has a folder structure view. Hence its not something the wife might be able to use on her own.

SUMMARY: If you can get over the lack of a full EPG and the timeouts/freezes, then this is by far the most visually stunning and buffer free experience I've had. There is no record capability. It has TV catchup service but not for all channels. Mostly only with the UK channels. Can only use on one device at a time.

3) Ruya xl (One month sub) - Same review pretty much as mbox as it is the same RUYA service, just different resellers. Setup is done by emailing them. Response time is within 24hrs. He will send you a paypal link for payment. Instructions for setup are on the website. His service looks exactly the same as Mbox except he has a Kodi build which he integrates the add-on into IVUE so that you can have an epg. However, like Mbox, you don't see ALL the channels listed in the EPG. Same issues as with Mbox, it will timeout quick and sometimes kick you out.

4) IPTV Express full pkg (One month sub) - This is also called IPTV Black diamond with other resellers. Pros: 4k and full HD channels. Over 1600 channels. Once you've paid, you send them your MAC and they send you an android apk to install. App looks quite good. Great EPG. Customer service responded to all my questions. Setup was quite easy.
CONS: Cannot use with Kodi. Only way to use this on a windows PC is by installing bluestacks and emulating android to run the apk. Hence this package is geared mostly towards android boxes, MAGS and Avovs. No record service. TV catchup is only for the Indian channels or so. Nothing for the English ones. Majority of the 1600 channels DO NOT work. You just get a black screen. Their channel lineup is falsely advertised as majority of the US and major sports channels are contained in a "bonus channels" folder which does not work. UFC, NFL, NBA, boxnation channels DO NOT work. All the NFL and NBA channels are in the bonus folder sadly....and don't work. This service though UHD, is virtually unwatchable. Buffers every few seconds literally. Then it kicks you out. Really sad cos they have such a great looking apk and excellent channel lineup but NOTHING works. Maybe someone with a 100Mb connection might have better luck, but with my 8MB, it was unwatchable. However many of the reviews on the napster forum also express my sentiment. Hence I think its a general problem with their servers.
5) SMOOTHSTREAMSTV (3 month sub) Discovered about this service here on the reddit iptv board. Was added to the private board where I found the link to pay via paypal. Currently offer only 3mos and 6 mos subscriptions. I used this on my windows 10 HTPC. I believe they also offer an android apk which I haven't tried. This is not compatible with MAG boxes
PROS: Once you've paid, you immediately receive login details. Whole process took less than 5 mins to get setup. Setting up with Kodi is as easy as downloading the addon and inputting your login details. This is a sports oriented service. This would appeal to many of the sport buffs out there looking for a sports focused iptv addon. It also has a few non-sports and news channels like CNN, FOX NEWs, FOX, ABC. However these aren't 24 hrs channels. Once a major sporting event is live, your news feed gets changed to that sporting event. Price was great also. $32 for 3 mos. About $10/mth. $59 for 6 months. You can't beat that. One PPV event sets you back $50 to $100 on cable. Quality of the channels are HD. Most are 720p. Look stunning. No buffering noticed on my 8Mb connection. However, if you do notice buffering, the fix is as easy as going into the addon settings and selecting a different server from a different state of the USA or different country in the world. They also have a good subreddit community where you can ask questions and receive quick feedback. It is definitely not like NFPS that you cant ever reach. They offer the option to record your streams. This is the 1st service I've tried that can. You can also use the same subscription on multiple TVs watching different channels at the same time instead of having to buy multiple subs like other services. When watching a channel, you DONT get kicked out after 20-30 mins. That was a big deciding factor for me. I left CNN on, went to work, came back, was still on. Love it. I also was able to watch several of the sunday night NFL games this past weekend. Not one buffered. Streamed perfectly. I also love the fact that they offer paypal as a payment option and not exclusively bitcoin. This tells me they are confident about their product service as paypal purchases can be disputed. Bitcoins cant. Plus your average Joe still hasn't heard of bitcoin nor even knows how to go about purchasing some. They accept paypal, bitcoin and bank transfer.
CONS: I personally wished they had more of a channel selection. Yes the sports are great. But I am still forced to shop for a different iptv provider because of the lack of any kids content. No Disney jr, Nick jr etc The record function though a huge bonus isn't fully implemented yet. You cannot record a program in the future. Only whats currently playing. That's the primary reason for wanting to record for most people. If I am available to watch the program, then why record it? What you want is the ability to schedule a recording, go to work and watch it once you come back over a beer. The channel switching is the slowest I've ever encountered. It could take up to 2 mins to switch channels. Sometimes more. However, I noticed it's much quicker on channels that you have watched recently. Maybe those with much quicker data connections might have better luck with this. For me, it was torturing. It's also not compatible with the MAG box. I believe the MAG is a huge segment of the IPTV market. That's disappointing. Even though you are provided with the multiple servers to chose from, I still believe it increases the learning curve a tad bit for newbies especially making it difficult for the wife or guest to operate on their own. So there is a level of technical know-how that is required to use this. Granted changing servers is as easy as going into the addon settings and choosing a different country from the menu option. However as most married men here would attest, that's still a few clicks too many for the wife to understand. Would have been nice if all that was done automatically by the addon and you did not need to fiddle with that. I tried selecting the auto server option, and I encountered a lot of buffering. Apparently that isn't properly implemented.
However I do believe the PROS far outweigh the CONS. With the exception of my not having any kids channels, I still think this is the best service I have tried till date. I heard they are planning to introduce more channels on Oct 1. If that happens, i'll update my review accordingly.
ACE IPTV REVIEW (Dec 3, 2016) I was contacted by the folks at ACE iptv to do a review of their service. I was given a 1 month sub for free to try it out. The offer a 1,3,6 & 12 month sub with prices starting at 10 pounds/mth for the full package. My testing was done with Kodi.
PROS: 1) multiple connections for viewing different channels in different rooms. 2) Can be used on MAG, KODI, Smart TVs and VLC via M3U. Couldn't test it on my MAG cos i had my MAC bound to another IPTV service im testing. But i've seen screenshots on their facebook page which seem to show that the interface looks better on the MAG. 3)Well structured channel listing layout organized in folders. 4) Good selection of channels from US, UK and CA. All having News, Entertainment, Music, Movies, Sports & Kids channel sections. 5)Decent EPG on Kodi. Same look as the Ruya EPG. Not a full featured one like you are used to with IVUE. It just shows the Currently playing program and whats coming up next. But i believe on the MAG and STB, you can get more of the future EPG listings. 6) Easy Setup - They give you the source address to add into kodi file manager, you download & install the app from the source, put in your username and password. Thats it. 7) Overall good selection of channels, most are HD 720p, some 576p. 8) The guys over there running this are friendly and up on things. They answer back pretty quickly to questions and concerns on their facebook group.
CONS: Well please note, it appears the service is still in its intimacy. Hence i believe maybe in a few months, many of these issues below will be sorted out. Frequent updates are also posted on their facebook page about server downtime. 1)I noticed alot of buffering on some of the channels. HBO HD & HBO family was unwatchable for me. 2) I like to conduct what i call the "babysitter proof" test. I like to be able to turn on my kids favorite cartoons in their bedroom and not hear a peep about it freezing or switching off every few minutes. Sadly, every now and then, the channel would go off on its own. I also tried leaving on a channel overnight, by morning, it was off. 3)In Kodi, i noticed a 5-10 second delay with channel switching. 4)The Kodi interface isn't eye pleasing. Wont impress your friends. However it is functional and well structured. 5) Some of the premium movie channels are not HD - Showtime and HBO Zone are in 480p 6)Tried watching the Dallas Cowboys game on Thanksgiving day. Worked perfect for the entire first half 720p. However heavy buffering at the beginning of the 2nd half forced me to complete the game on another iptv service.
CONCLUSION: ACE IPTV is still in its infancy and hence some of these issues are to be expected. I like the channel lineup. I like the admin that runs it. They are active on the facebook group. However the service still has alot more room for improvement. I hope they rectify the buffering and switching off issues. Also get more HD sources for the premium movie and sports channels.
CONCLUSION: Hence thus far, that's been my experience. I'm yet to find something to fit my needs. Sadly NFPS to date remains my most "stable" package. Once setup, even my wife can use it. However, I cant watch any major sports events on it. I had high hopes for RUYA but the lack of an EPG and its folder view structure makes it less user friendly and an ugly UI. IPTV express was a major letdown. For me, not worth the money.
I just bought a MAG box, waiting for it to arrive. Still on the hunt for a new cable-like experience that even my wife can use. I also need something that I can put on for my kids and walk away for an hour without being called back into the living room to fix. Hope this helps someone out there. I'm still open to trying new services, haven't given up yet. However, I'm only open to using services that will give a free trial or have a youtube video that have a detailed presentation of their service. As I try new services, I will continue to update this post and record my iptv journey. Thanks everyone.
Edit Sept 23rd 6pm: Just signed up for smoothstreamstv. Signed up for their 3 month Bronze package. Setup was instantaneous. It's set up as fast as it takes you to make a payment, check your email and download their repo into Kodi. Working perfectly so far. Will update my review after a few days of testing out the service.
Edit Sept 30th. Added smoothstreamstv review.
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