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Buy Bitcoin in Vietnam

We provide you the most trusted and safest crypto exchange plaforms to buy digital currency or buy bitcoin in Vietnam and update you with all the essential information like trading volume, payment method and currencies available.
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How to register to buy bitcoin today in Vietnam

Quels eschanges Bitcoin au Vietnam sont considérés comme réputés et de qualité. Veuillez ajouter T-rex Obtenez les informations dans l'article ci-dessous. Comment acheter Bitcoin, comment enregistrer un compte Bitcoin sur T-rex.
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Travelers in Vietnam can now use a bitcoin ATM in HCMC (it is both buy and sell bitcoins for cash)

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Anyone been to Vietnam? What would be the best way for me to buy bitcoin while there?

I heard that there's bitcoin ATMs there, but at a 5.8% fee seems way too high for me. I don't actually know how I will be getting paid while I'm there, whether it's in cash or what ( I'm going to do the whole teaching English thing), but hopefully I'll have the option of having different payment methods. What's the cheapest way of purchasing bitcoin while I'm there?
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How To Buy Bitcoin in Vietnam

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Can I buy bitcoins in Vietnam?

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Does anyone know of any online exchanges that will allow me to buy Bitcoin with USD from within Vietnam? /r/Bitcoin

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What a time to be alive. Now you can buy a wife from vietnam for bitcoin

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Has it become possible to buy a wife from Vietnam and deliver her to the order now? Recently, there has been a trend of increasing number of marriages between Vietnamese girls and foreigners in Vietnam.
Vietnamese wife for sell is a choice in favor of the most beautiful nation on the earth, and in various beauty contests they win the first places in the top ten most beautiful women on the planet.
How can you buy a wife from Vietnam? Here is actually the procedure of searching and delivering of a wife.
The price for a Vietnamese wife ranges from four to thirty thousand dollars.
The Internet gives the opportunity for Vietnamese women to find foreign husbands and go to live abroad. Almost all the brides had left a Vietnamese village of An Bang; as a result, the demographic situation with the lack of female population has arisen there.
He encourages not to be afraid and to find the soul mate this way, because there's no better wife for a Chinese man than a beautiful and obedient Vietnamese girl.
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How to buy bitcoins in Vietnam

If you know How to buy bitcoins in Vietnam please send me a short note guide to: [email protected] Thanks.
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How to buy bitcoins in Vietnam /r/Bitcoin

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What a time to be alive. Now you can buy a wife from vietnam for bitcoin

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Coin ATM Radar on Twitter: "New country unlocked. First #bitcoin ATM is installed in #Vietnam" - you can buy and sell

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Anyone been to Vietnam? What would be the best way for me to buy bitcoin while there? /r/Bitcoin

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Coin ATM Radar on Twitter: "New country unlocked. First #bitcoin ATM is installed in #Vietnam" - you can buy and sell

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Travelers in Vietnam can now use a bitcoin ATM in HCMC (it is both buy and sell bitcoins for cash)

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Can I buy bitcoins in Vietnam? /r/Bitcoin

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The greatest wealth transfer of this century! An analysis: British-US-Chinese Empires: Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, Ethereum!

"Inflation makes you pay 50 dollars for the 20 dollar haircut you used to get for 5 dollars when you had hair!"
Let's embark on a journey that made the United States the number 1 economy of the world.

1. Despite the British Empire's claim that it would for ever remain the leading empire,history can serve as a harbinger for what's to come...

At the peak of its power, in 1913, "the empire on which the sun never sets", controlled 25% of the planet's land mass and about the same percentage of the world's population. Britain was both the naval an imperial power of the 19th century, and between 1812-1914, its dominance resulted in relative peace in Europe and the rest of the world. The industrial revolution transformed Britain into the workshop of the world.
By the start of the 20th century things changed as both Germany and the United States started to challenge Britain's economic and influential leadership. As often happened during human history such challenging lead to war and although Britain achieved its largest territorial influence after WW1, the war had destroyed much of its economic strength, with losses in industrial and military power marking the begin of its demise.
During WW2, Japan occupied Britain's colonies, and after WW2, India, Britain's most valuable and populous possession, achieved independence. Much of the British Empire's influence is now enshrined in the Commonwealth Charter, stating shared values like democracy, human rights and the rule of law.
The United Kingdom's pound sterling was its world's reserve currency during its reign and by controlling the supply of money, Britain was able to influence its global power.
"Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws!" Mayer Amschel Rothschild

2. The US Empire repeats this blueprint by claiming the U.S. Dollar's reserve currency status as its birthright!

The Federal Reserve Act.
The Panic of 1907 triggered many American's belief that The Federal Reserve Act, passed by the 63rd United States Congress and signed into law by President Woodrow Wilson on December 23, 1913, was necessary for financial and economic stability. The law created the Federal Reserve System, the central banking system of the United States.
The Bretton Woods System.
The FED ended immobile reserve issues and the inelastic currency problems and successfully internationalized the U.S Dollar as the global reserve currency. The usage of the prior nationally used U.S. Dollar expanded a first time when the Allies agreed to the terms of the Bretton Woods System, establishing the rules for commercial as well as financial regulations among the United States and its allies. Canada, Western Europe, Australia and Japan accepted the U.S. Dollar, which was backed by a gold exchange standard, making the U.S. Dollar "as good as gold". This was only possible because the United States controlled two thirds of the world's gold reserves.
Soviet representatives, who claimed that institutions like the IMF and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) were Wall Street branches, didn't participate in Bretton Woods and later proved to be right, as the United States printed too much money (not backed by its gold reserves) to wage war on Vietnam, destroying a big part of the value of the U.S. Dollars held by its allies, due to the inflation of the U.S. Dollar money supply.
Yet, the initial demand for U.S. dollars created the American way of life: a consumer driven economy fueled by products made outside the U.S. in return for U.S. Dollars. As the Allied countries couldn't really buy any "Made in America"-products, due to the fact that the United States' elites rather outsourced their manufacturing, they instead invested their hard labor into U.S. Treasuries.
On August 1971, President Richard Nixon announced the unilateral cancellation of the direct international convertibility of the United States dollar to gold, in a response to halt the Allied countries' continuous attempts to exchange their U.S. Dollars for Gold. By 1973, the Bretton Woods system was replaced by the current freely floating fiat currency system.
The petro dollar system.
The second wave of U.S. Dollar adoption was the result of the petro dollar, making the global trade of oil U.S. Dollar denominated. Every country on this planet needed and still needs oil to operate and grow its economy, creating an enormous growth in U.S. Dollar demand and like mentioned before, those dollars had to be earned. Especially China served the United States consumer model by producing almost everything Americans can buy in Wall Mart and other stores. By relying on the U.S. Dollar reserve currency status, the American elites have made the mistake of outsourcing manufacturing to China, as often predicted by Donald Trump in the 1980's. The y figured it was easier to just print wealth.
The tradewar.
President Donald Trump, decided it was time to bring jobs back to the U.S. and started an ongoing trade war with China, the country that supplied the U.S. consumer driven economy, and proud owner of $1.07 trillion in Treasury holdings. The trade war has negatively impacted the economies of both the United States and China and will most likely result in the decoupling of both economies.
What is to come? My personal insights.
I see huge problems for the U.S. and the rest of the western liberal democracies. But especially the United States, who's currency amounts to no less than 60% of all the world's reserve assets, is vulnerable if and when China who only accounts for 1 or 2 %, says it is time for change. Most likely we will experience another banking crisis, with or without Covid-19, and unfortunately a bigger one when compared to the 2008 dissaster. Did you know that the global debt tripled since then? Many economists and politicians advocate the end of the U.S. Dollar reserve currency system and predict a reset. Every financial system has a limited lifespan similar to a human live: it is created, it grows, it matures, and unfortunately, it ages, weakens and dies. It happened to the Brittish Pound Sterling, and I am afraid that the days of this financial hegemony are numbered as well.
And I did write "afraid", why?
History tells us that these transition periods are particularly dangerous and have often led to full-blown military conflicts if not world wars. The current wealth transfer, the result of manufacturing outsourcing to mainland China, impoverished the United States and destroyed its middle class. President Donald Trump's analysis that the U.S. needs a strong manufacturing base is correct, yet without its allies the United States will not be able to turn the tide.
It took China decades to build its manufacturing base, and President Trump doesn't have the privilege of having the political luxury to design five year plans, as the United States capitalistic and political model specializes more on presidential campaigning and less on economic planning, which is exactly China's strength.

3. The Chinese 'digital' empire.

China is ideally positioned to become the new global power: it produces many of our products and dominates most supply chains. It has been hoarding gold and mines most of the Bitcoin. It might just have the right reserve assets to back its DCEP, the digital Yuan, which will be pilot tested during the 2022 Winter Olympics hosted by China. Despite the fact that the United States and other western nations might not want to adopt the Yuan or allow it to be part of the world's reserve assets, China can demand payment in Yuan for its products. It's that simple! This is why outsourcing is such as stupid economic voluntarily yet fatal policy. If you only print money and don't produce goods, how long will the world play ball?
One of the results of Trump's trade war is that China and other countries such as Russia and Iran no longer want to be vulnerable to U.S. sanctions that come in the shape of being denied access to the financial system through Swift. The United States can indeed destroy a big part of Iran's economy, but Iran is now becoming a big cryptocurrency player. In other words, bullying those countries might work in the short-term, but in the long-term they will simply adopt a new standard: and I believe that the Yuan will likely play a major role in the financial system they will adopt.
This trend means that the expansion of the demand in U.S. Dollars will stop and reverse, when countries no longer want to use the currency whose issuer can economically destroy them through sanctions. The alternatives for such countires are cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and many others, national CBDC's (Central Bank Digital Currencies), and the adoption of the digital Yuan.
This digital Yuan will be attached to the One Belt, One road initiative, finding adoption whilst developing huge infrastructure projects that will lead to a Eurasian trading zone. If the U.S. Military leaves the Middle East, as Trump brings home troops, this will create the right conditions for China to emerge as the victor.

4. Surveillance Capitalism - Insights on the DCEP (Digital Currency Electronic Payment, DC/EP):

  1. This centralized digital financial system works on blockchain and cryptographic principles and aims to increase the circulation of the RMB, in the hope it can become a reserve currency like the U.S. Dollar.
  2. Created and sanctioned by the Chinese Government, it is the only legal digital currency in China.
  3. The system offers Chinese regulators better monitoring abilities and will be an efficient tool against anonymous counterfeiting, money laundering and illegal financing. At the same time it reduces costs involved in maintaining and recycling bank notes and coins.
  4. As mentioned above, China aims to bypass Swift, which it regards to be a U.S. entity, and will be able to collect real-time data related to money creation, bookkeeping, essential information for the implementation of monetary policies.
  5. The pilot institutions for DCEP, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, will serve as a production test for China's new currency system, after which the DCEP will be distributed to large fintech companies such as Tencent and Alibaba to be used in WeChat Pay and AliPay. Transfers will not go through bank accounts, but through electronic wallets.
  6. By mandating that all merchants who accept digital payments must accept DCEP, the DECP will become the most accepted digital currency in the world.

5. Sings of hope.

If the United States adopts blockchain and issues a CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) backed by Bitcoin, they will have a reasonable chance to offer the western democracies a new type of dollar standard that can be an anchor versus the coming RMB. If not, I fear the worst is yet to come for the U.S. Dollar and its economy.
Many smart American economists and Wall Street goeroe's have finally figured out the remarkable strength of Bitcoin, the world's first and most favorite digital form of gold.
Some of the smartest investment capitalists like Ray Dalio and Warren Buffet have allocated more money into gold, a clear sign of trouble. Bitcoin might be a step too far for Warren Buffet, but rest assure that Wall Street investment management companies have figured it out by now, have you?
You can expect more institutions to allocate a % of their portfolio's wealth into Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as a hedge against the systemic risk in our global financial system, which will inevitable start feeling the effects of the trillions that have been printed.
"Inflation makes you pay 50 dollars for the 20 dollar haircut you used to get for 5 dollars when you had hair!"
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[WTS] World gold and silver - located in Hong Kong - Japanese Edo and modern money/Chinese dollars and ingots/Asian oddities/Hong Kong banknotes/Greece/UK/Cambodia/Indonesia/Straits/Laos/Maldives

All kinds of new stuff and some older stuff with lower prices for some!
Hong Kong
Straits Settlements
British Isles
Starting at $5.5 with tracking but free if you buy enough. Should take 7-14 working days if it takes longer contact me and I will initiate an investigation. If they conclude the package is lost I will do a full refund but it will take up to a month so you'll need patience. Faster courier services are available with starting ranges of $40-85 increasing by weight, and DHL can access some areas my local post administration cannot.
SEE HERE for where I am allowed to ship to by airmail. For instance, I can ship to all of the US now but I still can't ship to Russia, South Africa or South America. Please check first before purchasing to avoid disappointment.
Thanks for looking!
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[OFFER] - Coinlist $20 - $15 from Coinlist + $5 from me (PROOF of PAYOUTS)

Coinlist is crypto exchange where You can sell and buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

List of countries can be found here
Basically Worldwide with some exceptions.
Additionally new user accounts from Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Nigeria, Russia, Uzbekistan, Thailand, and Vietnam are ineligible for reward.
Already CONFIRMED PAYOUTS in the previous threads here and here!

Coinlist is giving You $10 in BTC when you join, verify your profile, deposit and trade a minimum of $100 worth of crypto (BTC, ETH, DAI, MKR, for example, and others available on their platform) in single transaction. Alternatively you can buy a $100 worth of crytpo with bank deposit/wire transfer, in a single transaction to qualify as well.
I will send an additional $5 via Revolut or cypto (DAI, ETH, or BTC) once You get the bonus.
EXTRA $5 in form of $5 worth of OXT tokens which You can trade on Coinlist, is awarded for doing the Orchid OXT quiz by navigating to Reward, and clicking on Orchid.
Reward budget size is $20000 each month, before making crypto transaction to get the reward please check AVAILABLE REWARDS THIS MONTH section in the "Rewards" tab to verify that there are still prizes for this month. If there is none left, please wait with your transaction, till the next month when the rewards pool replenishes.

  1. Comment $bid and I will send You a message with my referral link.
  2. Register with Coinlist using my link, verify your profile.
  3. Deposit minimum of $100 worth of crypto (BTC, ETH or DAI for example).
  4. Sell $100 worth of crypto in one transaction ( for example sell the deposited BTC for DAI, or DAI for BTC). You can buy it back straightaway afterwards!
  5. DO THE QUIZ - for the extra $5!
  6. That's it! The bonus will appear within 4 day (usually 2 days). Then contact me and I will send the rest - as promised $5 via Revolut or cypto (DAI, ETH, or BTC) once You get the bonus.

You can withdraw your crypto and bonus to your wallet afterwards!

Already CONFIRMED PAYOUTS in the previous threads here and here!

Tell a friend T&C
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Life after lockdown: Vietnam reopens tentatively after zero deaths

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Effectively handle bad debts of credit institutions and enterprises

Effectively handle bad debts of credit institutions and enterprises
In 2019, the Vietnam Debt Trading Company Limited (DATC) directly purchased and handled nearly VND 3,000 billion of bad debts from credit institutions and enterprises. Revenue from trading and handling debts and assets was 1,785 billion VND, equal to 124% compared to 2018 ...
DATC will participate in restructuring loss projects
DATC auctioned the debt of over 1.1 trillion dong
DATC entered the prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic
DATC sells debts and assets at two debtor enterprises
In addition, the company received debts and excluded assets in 15 enterprises with a value of 21,378 billion dong, of which, assets were 9,897 billion dong, debt was 11,481 billion dong, enterprises themselves. processing before handover is 2,803 billion dong.
The result of the actual value recovered from asset handling and debt collection received in 2019 is 20.2 billion VND, revenue from receiving activities is 6,057 billion VND (in which: property is 4,155 billion dong, debt recovery is 0.988 billion dong and debt collection handled by the business before handover is 0.994 billion dong), reaching 121% of the plan for 2019.
Fast online transactions: bitcoin to paypal
During the operation, the company also encountered many difficulties and challenges due to the inadequacies in the operating mechanism, which was not consistent with the changes of the market. Along with that, the regulations have not been promptly amended and supplemented, leading to limited performance of assigned roles and tasks, reducing the efficiency of DATC's debt settlement plan.

Along with the difficult market, banks continue to promote the auction of collateral to recover debts / unsuccessfully auction debts to negotiate to sell debts to DATC; Due to the high asking price of debt (usually 100% of the principal and interest) and having to devalue many times to get closer to DATC's offer, it affects the progress, plan to buy and process structure to convert debt into capital contribution.

However, the Company still achieved excellent results in 2019 with a total revenue of more than 2,000 billion VND; Profit before tax is estimated at 213 billion VND. Compared to the previous 5-year period from 2010 to 2014, accumulated in the period 2015-2019, the total revenue of DATC is 10,488 billion VND (an increase of 229% compared to the 2010-2014 period), purchasing debt and assets with total sales was 9,471 billion VND (increased by 442% compared to the period 2010-2014), contribution to State budget of DATC in the same period was over 400 billion VND.

In addition, the Company continues to carry out the tasks assigned by the Government related to debt restructuring of State Groups and Corporations, thereby contributing to improving financial capacity, restoring operations. units in order to speed up the restructuring progress under the Government-approved scheme associated with the recovery of Government debts.

In 2020, DATC will actively coordinate with ministries, branches, People's Committees of provinces and cities to promptly receive eliminated debts and assets in the transformed ownership enterprises. Regularly review and classify debts and assets as non-in-kind expenses, loss of assets in receiving to continue handling. Complete the proceedings in court, at the same time closely coordinate with the judgment enforcement agency to recover debt after receiving from businesses.

Along with that, the company will promote debt trading, restructuring, divestment ... commensurate with its size and capacity, affirming its position and role in debt trading, restructuring enterprises in the Vietnamese debt trading market.
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Aaditya Chandankar - PASSED Maharashtra, India -Waste Management Through Blockchain Technology -Waste Management
Sumeet Prasad - PASSED Kolkata,India -Medicine & Blockchain: A Digital Currency For a Healthy World
James Addo - PASSED Accra, Ghana -Promoting Digital Literacy via First language (L1) and Blockchain
Vu Ngoc Tien - PASSED Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam -A Blockchain Powered by Coffee
Martin Thomassen - TBA Jalapa, Nicaragua -CLASS COIN an aducational cryptocurrency -Project management, logistics and accounting, system analisis
IfeOluwa Chris Onigbinde - PASSED Ibadan, Nigeria -Fiacoin: A Digital Health currency for africans -Tele medicine and Blockchain in Africa
Billy Joe Cabanglan - PASSED Olongapo City Zambales TOKYO GAMING COIN -Amusement and Gaming: A CryptoCurrency For the Gaming Community
Priti Puja - PASSED Maharashtra, India -Blockchain in Supply Chain Management
Chimdindu Emmanuel Okaforodoh - PASSED Enugu, Nigeria Health Dollar Coin(HDC): A digital currency used specifically in health industries
Yeseer Bello - PASSED Ogun, Nigeria Beebay Token(BBY):A Digital Asset that Serves as a medium of exchange for buying and selling of goods and services with a credit&debit card Interest:To eradicate poverty
Richard Atsu Aziaxonu - PASSED Greater Accra, Ghana Richcoin:A Crypto Currency for the Youth
Signup for batch 10👇

blockchaintechnology #technology #crypto #cryptocurrency #bitcoin #altcoin #ethereum #blockchainnews #educationiskey #blockchain #education #distancelearning #onlineclass

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Crypto Investing #119 - The Truth About The Bitcoin Ban In Vietnam - By Tai Zen How to buy Siacoin on SimpleSwap  Exchange Litecoin to Siacoin Buy Bitcoin in thailand Bitcoin Vietnam News - YouTube How to Buy Bitcoins from Anywhere in the world

One of the easiest ways to buy Bitcoin in Vietnam is through cryptocurrency exchanges. There are several exchanges offering Bitcoin in Vietnam, and you can easily select one based on your requirements and preferences using our guide. Different exchanges have different transaction fees, withdrawal limits, payment modes, and verification processes that need to be kept in mind before users select ... How to Buy Bitcoin in Vietnam. There are two main methods for those who wish to purchase Bitcoin in Vietnam, and the one you use will depend on your preferences and reasons for buying. If you want to buy Bitcoin online VND is accepted in some places but not all. The two options are to buy as a CFD, or to buy directly from an exchange. Each has its own pros and cons, which will be covered in ... How to buy Bitcoin in Vietnam: the top methods in 2020. While 2018 July’s ban prohibited certain cryptocurrency-related business activities, it remained legal for citizens to purchase and possess BTC in Vietnam. So, in this section, we’ll show you all the methods you can use to buy Bitcoin in Vietnam. Purchase BTC Locally . One method you can use to purchase Bitcoin in Vietnam is to find a ... Known to be the country’s first self-proclaim Bitcoin Exchange in Vietnam, BitcoinVietnam launched it’s Marketplace in late 2013 and is up to date the most popular Bitcoin broker in Vietnam. Headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City, the company enables clients in Vietnam to buy and sell Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, BitcoinCash & Ethereum. How to buy Bitcoin. Buying Bitcoin in Vietnam is much easier than many think. It is as simple as picking an exchange, creating an account, depositing money and clicking "buy Bitcoin". ‍ Where to buy Bitcoin in Vietnam. Review and compare the best cryptocurrency exchanges below to find the fastest and most secure way to make your first Bitcoin purchase in Vietnam. Buy Bitcoin Finder gives ...

[index] [11422] [29473] [680] [13864] [19442] [17514] [10182] [24276] [14696] [32705]

Crypto Investing #119 - The Truth About The Bitcoin Ban In Vietnam - By Tai Zen

Buy bitcoin at Cube No.7 Chiangmai in Thailand. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue Take your first step into the world of cryptocurrencies and make your very first investment by buying Bitcoin. Here are some useful links: Join our free facebook community for more tips and tricks ... Máy Bitcoin ATM đầu tiên tại Việt Nam, vận hành bởi VBTC / Bitcoin Vietnam / Bspend. Ngày ra mắt chính thức sẽ vào tháng 7 sau khi hệ thống được Việt hóa hoà... Bitcoin in Vietnam Dominik Weil (BitcoinVN) UNCHAIN 2018 - Duration: 21:31 ... How To Get Rich + Buy Gold and Silver Rich Dad Poor Dad - Duration: 51:52. I LOVE PROSPERITY 132,837 views. 51 ... Bitcoin Vietnam News Videos; Playlists; Channels; Discussion; About; Home Trending History Get YouTube Premium Get YouTube TV Best of YouTube Music Sports ...