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My take on recent decline in the quality of the E-pharma market, sparked by the likes of Pulsar, Buy moda and their subsidiaries

As a supplier and manufacturer I have come to realize over the last few months I have seen the pharmaceutical market go to shambles and its a very sad thing as believe it or not, there was once genuine trust and community. Now any community feel is fake, inorganic and and true shame, brought on by companies who try to fool you with fake reviews, fake products and fake secondary blog/info websites that say ‘this is the top 5 modafinil vendors’. It makes me uneasy in my stomach to think these people get away with fooling their users and seeming I work in a high position in the supplier of these soon to be named vendors, I feel a responsibility to shed some light
Lets begin with trust pilot
After seeing many talks about the presumption on:

  1. How trustpilot reviews must guarantee a shops legitimacy
  2. How shops like buymoda, pulsar meds, modafinilxl and HSP rely on these trust pilot reviews for sales
It saddens me that as a manufacturer, our products are being abused in this way for a quick penny from these in and out companies
Lets discuss how trust pilot works
Upon signing up to trust pilot as a company, you are given an API to install on your website. This API integrates with your sales and automatically sends an invite to the customer, post-purchase to review the product. The customer clicks the link in the email which goes through to the websites trust pilot page where they are free to make an honest review on their experience
Once they complete their review, they get a nice ‘’verified’ badge next to their name in the review
This is the only way to do a legitimate review. Has anyone seen a ‘verified’badge on a review for pulsar meds, buymoda, modafinilxl etc? No
The next way would be for a website to manually invite someone to write a review, this would give them a nice, ‘’invited’’badge next to their review. Which means nothing apart from

  1. Websites are inviting their friends to review
  2. Websites post in forums like blackhatworld (go there and search buy trust pilot reviews, they have a dedicated forum for it) which cost around $1 per review. Any ‘’invited’’ badge implies this is what has been done and it is a fake review
So, unless a review has the verified badge, this reviewer never purchased from the store and is leaving the review in return for a small financial reward, paid in bitcoin
Regardless, almost anyone can leave a review without being invited, but an ‘’invited’ badge is better than nothing right? No, it is not a verified review and literally means nothing, they didn’t even purchase anything
There would be one saving grace…if they actually delivered a similar service to what is promised. As everyone knows, the likes of buymoda, modafinXl, pulsarmeds and so on, under deliver at every possible turn. Their medications are not real, They deliver in 3+ months yet promise 7 days after charging huge delivery fees, they lie about dispatch dates due to their financial disorganization, they offer very little support post sale (the most important time for support) and are letting people down left right and centre….but hey, they have their unverified trustpilot reviews.
How do I know this?
I work CRM at the dropshipping service that supplied these vendors. A little over 1 year ago, they were doing well, they then decided to buy raws from us which we obliged as we thought it would be a great idea for them and found them suitable candidates for such a task. As well as raws, we supplied them with equipment to produce medicines under the guide that they follow our strict production procedures, we also trained them rigorously
Once we discovered they were cutting the raws into an inferior product, we cut them off. We take great pride in our medicines, and any corner cutting is an instant ban. We retrieved our equipment and ceased all business with them. Then find out they are still operating.
If someone scrolls through their trust pilot, not 1 single verified badge is displayed, they flag their negative reviews as fake for trust pilot to remove them. Trust pilot mostly comply, but sometimes they do not, and they refuse to remove the review.
I urge people to stop using these sub par excuse of a business. Their string of bad decisions and mistakes are running them into the ground as they are not supposed to be in this business. As of 6 days ago, a law suit has been filed against them to cease and diciest, hence the shutting down of their stores
How many people on reddit have you seen post about their products are dodgy, their orders took 3-4 months, their products arrive in unboxed form, they got no response after payment was made and so on. Modafinil Mike (who is actually female) is a laughable parody of hercself, of which I do know…after our many meets prior to disbanding them.
If you have read this far, take a look at their trust pilot, try find any ‘verified’ reviews. They are nonsense. Granted, there may be a few customers that they have actually pleased, but that is only when they were operating through us. I feel sorry for the market we built, not just myself and my team, but the community they have lied to and its about time we as the suppliers step in
There are 2 Vendors that we supply that are excellent. They continual spend 60% of their profits on growing and training their customer support, another 15% on research and development. They dream big and take precise, educated moves when it comes to growth. Not just pay a load of people for fake reviews in the hope to fool their potential customers
Its time to shake up the market starting with getting rid of the ones bringing it down, before they execute their exit strategy, as they know things are coming to an end for them since the law suit was filed, just as it did with Pulsar meds.
The list of subsidiaries they operate under are as follows
Shark mood
Pulsar meds
You have a say, you vote with your $. Cease using these sugar pill vendors and lets restore the market to its former glory
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Speech Recognition? What function is this, can this be added to the store?

As a result of a predicted boost as well as the development of 2020’s impact on business, the ecommerce market is multiplying. Everyday, even more merchants are making the move to on-line marketing, while business owners are getting their start via ecommerce ventures.
By 2022, e-retail earnings will expand to $6.54 trillion, up from $3.53 trillion in 2019.
Nevertheless, ecommerce is an ever-changing industry. Yearly, numerous brand-new trends show up that can help your service expand as well as surpass your rivals– 2021 is no various.
Keeping up with development trends can make your shop always be liked by customers, so you should never miss these e-commerce development trends.Let’s look at the top 8 ecommerce fads to watch out for in 2021.

1. Voice Business Will Surge.

Individuals are progressively relying upon voice assistant devices like the Amazon.com Mirror with Alexa and the Google Home with Google Aide to do every little thing, from waking them to getting items online. 75% of U.S. houses will have clever speakers by 2025. Voice commerce sales are prepared for to reach $40 billion by 2022.
Another reason why voice commerce gets on the rise is the growing accuracy and also comfort of the innovation. Both Google and also Amazon are pressing regional languages in their virtual aide devices to help customers go shopping even more conveniently.
Consequently, it is necessary to enhance your on-line store for voice search.
Here are four ways to prepare your ecommerce website for voice queries.
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2. Omnichannel Buying Will End Up Being the New Normal.

Omnichannel selling refers to supplying consumers a smooth as well as consistent experience throughout channels as well as gadgets.
In a study by HBR (Harvard Service Testimonial), 73% of respondents stated they utilize multiple channels during their purchasing journey. This data is almost 4 years of ages.
With the boost in the adoption of mobile devices and voice aides, I can only imagine that the number of omnichannel consumers will certainly increase a lot more in 2021.
Usage analytics tools like Finteza that give thorough ecommerce analytics to identify client actions and track whatever pertaining to the cash flow. An analytics device of this type aids you assess which items remain in need, monitor your profit and loss, as well as evaluate client commitment. Finteza additionally enables you to develop records for occasions that matter one of the most to your service, such as view items, add to cart, check out progress, as well as checkout success.
These understandings enable you to provide the exact item that your consumers are searching for and also supply a seamless shopping experience.
Below are some even more ways for you to use a seamless omnichannel experience.

3. AI and AR Will Enhance the Ecommerce Experience.

Online sellers will certainly invest $ 7.3 billion on AI by 2022. More than 120,000 shops will certainly be utilizing AR modern technologies to use clients an abundant acquiring experience by 2022.
Expert system (AI) serves as your on-line in-store affiliate by providing customized guidance and recommendations to your clients. AI uses consumers’ past acquisition history and also searching behavior to show them items they are most likely to buy.
Unlike in physical stores, online buyers can not try out or physically inspect the item that they mean to purchase. Augmented truth (AR) assists remove this obstacle by allowing customers see exactly how a particular product would certainly look on them also prior to they purchase the item.
By executing AI and AR in your ecommerce shop, you will likely see a rise in conversions and also a decline in the return price.

4. New Payment Choices Will Certainly Emerge.

Payment alternatives are among the major reasons that clients choose a particular brand. If you don’t offer your customers’ preferred repayment approach, they will not purchase from your ecommerce shop.
As of now, most ecommerce services approve electronic purses (like Google Pay, Samsung or Apple Pay, and also PayPal) besides debit as well as charge card. Cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin, have several advantages for online store proprietors, such as low deal costs and no reverse purchases.
For example, Overstock partnered with Coinbase, a Bitcoin platform, to permit customers to use Bitcoin as a repayment technique.
In 2021, we could see more ecommerce companies will begin approving cryptocurrencies for deals.
see more at antdiy.vip
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03-18 08:14 - 'Antminer Farm Shop | Buy Antminer Online | S19, S19 Pro, S17, S17 pro, K5' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/AriaRoman100 removed from /r/Bitcoin within 1844-1854min

Antminer Farm Store : [[link]2
Released a new batches of AntMiners S19 , S19 Pro
S17, S17 Pro, K5 , For a cheap prices at Antminer Farm Store.

Note: Prices are divided into half the original price of the product because the shipping companies that carry goods may delay the delivery, and products are reducing the number of planes, seaborne vessels as measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus crimp.

Ship to all countries.

Shipping methods : DHL , UPS , FEDEX
Antminer Farm Shop | Buy Antminer Online | S19, S19 Pro, S17, S17 pro, K5
Go1dfish undelete link
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Author: AriaRoman100
1: A**mine**arm.com/ 2: An*minerfarm.com/****
Unknown links are censored to prevent spreading illicit content.
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Idea: a darknet pay-what-you-want market/charity for hormones

(Disclaimer: this is a question about the practicality of an idea, not a suggestion to do it. Besides, it's an incomplete plan, and I've left out key details on purpose, and if you try to do it as is, it will not end well for you. So don't. Feel free to PM me for anything better discussed in private, though.)
This is a controversial idea, but one that will end the problem of people not being able to get hormones once and for all. It would cut out the middlemen and the gatekeepers, would allow teens (sometimes literally) dying for puberty blockers to get them.
The hormone scarcity problem is an artificial one. One can buy a gram of pure pharmaceutical-grade estadiol (equivalent to 500 2mg pills) for around $10 from bulk suppliers. Supply is not a problem.
There are darknet markets mailing out heroin, crack, meth, even fentanyl, and they seem to be running fine. If the government cracks down, this operation would be the last priority on their list. Law enforcement should not be a problem.
Funding can be achieved by anonymous Bitcoin donations, and/or by payments from customers who can afford it. Logistics.. I haven't thought this through completely, but there are darknet logistics specialists who reship for a fee. And there are domestic suppliers who dropship.
Imagine a world where anyone can get hormones right now for no cost, where anyone who wants to help trans teens in need can just send some Bitcoin and be assured it will be used for that purpose. Where the gatekeeper middleman is cut out.
Though, I keep thinking that "if it was that easy, someone would have done it already". So what's the catch? What do you think?
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Looking to buy or sell eBay Business Seller Account ?

Hey people. I am the CEO of transfer-agents.co.uk The website is offline at the moment because we are designing the site. We have 300 plus eBay business accounts for sale at any one time. We have top rated accounts, power seller accounts and unlimited selling allowances accounts at affordable prices.

Question: How much does the accounts cost ?
Answer: The cheapest start from $20.00 and go up in many thousands:

Question: Do you have anything more established ?
Answer: Yes sure please take a look here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1eSlmUWyClOySo7R7ac2Stwckx0yIYVqeB-poliV686Q/edit?usp=sharing

Question: Does eBay allow the transfer of accounts ?
Answer: More information is displayed in the T&C of eBay. Please take a look. We always advise owners and buyers to seek a solicitor to complete any part of a sale.

Question: What payment options do you accept ?
Answer: Most times Bank transfer, Paypal.com, Bitcoin.com, Cash in person, Visa & Mastercard!

Question: Is there any contract to sign when selling or buying a eBay account/business ?
Answer: Yes, For your own protection and the sellers its best to have a written agreement so say your the new owner and the old owner isn't liable if you do harm to the account.

Question: Am I able to pay monthly for an eBay account because I dont quite have the funds yet.
Answer: This all depends on the owner of the business so its best to contact us so we can arrange something.

Question: What features does your accounts have ?
Answer: We have all types of accounts, Top Rated, Power Seller, Unlimited and High Limit accounts. Small feedbacks and high feedbacks and even dormant accounts. We have running eBay busineses sold with LTD company name and bank account and dormant eBay companies for sale which have stopped trading.

Question: Please give me some examples of accounts you are able to offer:

I am also offering some of the lowest prices on eBay & PayPal stealth accounts.
  1. -( Contact us for price )-- VERIFIED FRESH PAYPAL STEALTH ACCOUNT that you can use for online transactions. No past transactions.
  2. -( Contact us for price )- - $500 LIMIT EBAY STEALTH ACCOUNT that you can link with your own stealth PayPal account.
  3. -( Contact us for price )-- STEALTH PAYPAL + $500 LIMIT STEALTH EBAY ACCOUNT that you can link together to get back selling on eBay.
  4. I ALSO HAVE $7500 AND $50000 LIMIT ONES, FOR £250 AND £400 RESPECTIVELY. Insane selling limits, all the work done to raise the pesky limits so you only need concern yourself with selling!
We have around 250 different accounts in stock ready to be sold!
1; 0 to 200 feedbacks with Unlimited item limit and unlimited value limit -( Contact us for price )-
2; 0 to 200 Feedbacks with 1000 item limit and £10,000 selling allowances -( Contact us for price )-
3; 0 to 200 feedbacks with 500 item limit and £5000 selling allowances -( Contact us for price )-
4; 0 to 200 feedbacks with 100 item limit and £3500 selling allowances -( Contact us for price )-
5; 200 to 500 feedbacks with Unlimited item limit and unlimited value limit -( Contact us for price )-
6; 200 to 500 Feedbacks with 1000 item limit and £10,000 selling allowances -( Contact us for price )-
7; 200 to 500 feedbacks with 500 item limit and £5000 selling allowances -( Contact us for price )-
8; 200 to 500 feedbacks with 100 item limit and £3500 selling allowances -( Contact us for price )-
9; 500 to 1000 feedbacks with Unlimited item limit and unlimited value limit -( Contact us for price )-
10; 500 to 1000 Feedbacks with 1000 item limit and £10,000 selling allowances -( Contact us for price )-
11; 500 to 1000 feedbacks with 500 item limit and £5000 selling allowances -( Contact us for price )-
12; 500 to 1000 feedbacks with 100 item limit and £3500 selling allowances -( Contact us for price )-
These accounts will be aged accounts with history been using for buying and selling over the years.

Question: I dont know much about eBay do you offer any training on selling ?
Answer: The big established eBay businesses come with support and sometimes stock. Some businesses run as a dropship model so therefore no holding stock whatsoever!

Just to recap on what we are offering:
1 - You will have an eBay pro-shop fully set up for you by professional designers ready to list on.
2 - We setup the Amazon seller account with you so you can start selling on Amazon.
3 - We also give you access to many manufacturers and wholesalers across many categories.
4 - We will show you about best practice and optimising the listings on eBay and Amazon so you have a far better chance in people finding your items.
5 - We can share screens with you one to one on Skype.com and also we show you all about social media marketing and how to go about gaining valuable SEO for free.

The Benefits Are:
+ We will be there giving support to help with your business needs
+ No need to fly out to China and go to trade shows we have already done the hard work for you
+ We will be able to teach you all that we have gleaned from years of business
+ We know how the selling system works with Amazon and can show you how to get barcodes so you have a better edge over competitors.
+ We know what we are doing in terms of optimising the listings so people can find you.
+ We will teach you all that you need to know in regards to the online website and gaining SEO.
+ Hold no stock whatsoever so you can swap and change the niche whenever you wish.
+ Little ongoing costs with this business.

Each one of these benefits above could cost you thousands of pounds in not only your time, but also in travel and sending money to wrong suppliers, developing websites and listing items wrong and therefore losing sales etc - We can help you fast track to where you want to be – it’s that simple.

We own several companies all benefiting from the boost in online business and with no overheads and no bills to contend with, least of all greedy councils and landlords – it’s no surprise that online business is growing at a rate of knots in all sectors and to be fair, the high street and physical businesses (aside from the trades) are facing days that are truly numbered – last year’s appalling Black Friday sales on the high street were clear evidence of this.

You are of course more than welcome to come and meet us and we can show you accounts that have been set up doing extremely high volumes of sales and making incredible profits after optimisation. We have worked with some of the top sellers on both eBay and Amazon, people like Dario Lopez and he was in fact the owner of the 3rd largest eBay business in the at one point.


This should give you some idea of just what is achievable at the most extreme level with a business package of shops (eBay, Amazon, website), full training/support and access to genuine suppliers worldwide in both wholesale and also manufacturing worldwide.
We sell all of the businesses we offer with a full sales agreement and whenever you are ready for just a 50% payment we can start you off, after the deposit the remaining 50% is not even payable until you have full delivery of the main elements of the business/package and are ready to start dealing with suppliers.
I am very much looking forward to hearing back from you and of course if you wish me to I can arrange for a meeting so that you can see first-hand just how successful this exact type of package offer can be and also get a glimpse of how the pro-shops, suppliers and ongoing training we can offer are a massive part of making this all possible – all I would need is a day and time that you are free and I can then put it in the diary and confirm this with via email or Skype – fell free to add me on the details in the footer of this email.

Have questions :
Phone/WhatsApp/Telegram: 00447495 325237
Website: www.transfer-agents.co.uk
Skype.com: Businessesforsale
email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])

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Bitcoin, openbazaar and dropshipping model. After dropship companies and brokers who would accept BTC

With the introduction of OpenBazaar a decentralized marketplace for Bitcoin I believe there is real opportunity to drive a a dropship brokerage model.
While this has been working with Amazon and ebay for many years. The increased competition and low margins driven by fees make it a less and less viable model.
What I am proposing A brokerage firm that will source the dropship company clientele and enlist, train & manage brokers
How it would work is 1) Dropship company would provide catalog of product they would like to sell 2) Broker creates a series of auction contracts that they list on OpenBazaar with a reasonable markup 3) Buyer see auction contract and purchases 4) BTC is sent to dropship company for cost of good, broker a percentage to broker and percent to firm 5) Customer product is shipped
Benefits - Trust - build the brokerage firm as a brand - Expertise - brokers will be trained - Will aid in creating critical mass on supplier side of OpenBazaar
Questions Doesn't this partially centralise a system which benefit is to decentralise the market place? No, it is still P2P however via a broker
What i need - Feedback - be brutal. It is why I come to reddit - Brokers - tech savvy ambition individuals whom are ready to maek BTC. PM me - Dropship companies whom will accept payment in BTC - PM me
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The Dropshipping Business Model Explained - YouTube How To Choose Drop Ship Suppliers For eBay and Amazon Franchise Drop Ship Free Dropshipping Distributors Suppliers Manufacturers UK Armada - Dropshipping Blockchain Platform #EOSHackathon An Urgent Message for Shopify Dropshipping - YouTube

Automatically upload products, sync inventory & route orders with dropship suppliers to virtually any online store, marketplace or ecommerce platform. Check out InventorySource >> Men’s Apparel. Guys love their clothes (they just don’t admit it as much as women do). S&S. Clothes2Order. Silvert’s . Male Basics. Music. Another category with only one supplier — leave us your suggestions ... Dropshipping with Bitcoin and OpenBazaar. As you can imagine, dropshipping is a low margin business, but profitable under the right circumstances. It is particularly attractive to the Bitcoin ecosystem for 2 reasons: Arbitrage. Dropshippers can take advantage of the rising value of Bitcoin, which is expected to be an upward secular trend for the true believers! As a result, they can order the ... I understand you are looking for the best dropshipping suppliers in Europe, and trust me, we’ve got the perfect list for you. When it comes to dropshipping, the hardest task is the initial stage of securing a supplier for your product, and obviously, dropshipping in Europe isn’t left out. Certain platforms even vet suppliers, so you don’t have to worry about their legitimacy or the authenticity of their dropship products. Plus, when you use directories, you’ll get instant access to large collections of products. No matter what product ideas you have, all the categories you need are in one place. When you cannot find US dropshipping suppliers that enforce M.A.P. then dropship directories can help to speed up the process of finding vetted vendors. If you first build a solid core of MAP suppliers and then where necessary fill in gaps with suppliers you find through salehoo , worldwidebrands , etc that is best because you are building upon a stronger, more sustainable foundation.

[index] [40626] [51149] [32674] [20373] [21001] [37106] [21283] [15809] [19731] [2445]

The Dropshipping Business Model Explained - YouTube

Dos And Don'ts Of Contacting US Dropshipping Suppliers - Duration: 15:26. ... Company News, Bearish BItcoin, Liquidation, future Tesla Promotion 13,850 watching. Live now; The Strangest Secret in ... hey how u doin, my name is Biaheza I’ve been in the Instagram game for about the last 5 years and since then have learned a lot about e-commerce, marketing a... Bitcoin Explained Simply for Dummies - Duration: 12:49. ... Best Dropshipping Suppliers 2020 CJ Dropshipping Aliexpress Alternative FASTER SHIPPING & CHEAPER - Duration: 25:01. The Financial ... An Urgent Message for Shopify Dropshipping My Dropshipping Course: https://biahezacourse.com/home Get two free stocks on WeBull (valued up to $1,400) when yo... Solving the major issues of dropshipping using blockchain technology! The same technology used to power Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.To make Armada become reality, LIKE THIS VIDEO to approve ...